A committed and dedicated IT company developed for building up School ERP with right focus . We strongly believe FOCUS , DEDICATION AND COMMITMENT are the three wheels of the ENTAB’s success.

Who We Are?

A committed and dedicated IT company developed for building up School ERP with right focus . We strongly believe FOCUS , DEDICATION AND COMMITMENT are the three wheels..  

Why Choose Us?

What we are today has come through an EVOLUTION process and being the number one choice for many. We deliver what we commit and that its speaks volume for ENTAB.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to set standard in terms of a School ERP Software and communication tools. We strive for bringing a change in the education domain.

What we Do?

We deliver consultancy to every good school to implement quality ERP software and communication tools and make them a best school. We bring the parents, teachers..

Entab Infotech



Breaking New Grounds

Entab has been borne out of a strong desire for an automation software that helps the people and country to make the best out of a quality system. The end of the previous millennium was little known for computer based automation and communication in the education domain. We realised the need for a better accounting system on a stand alone system by the beginning of the year 2000 and later in an year we developed the client server architecture application for schools. Many good schools of the country accepted that concept, but the utilisation factor was poor due to poor user level and infrastructure. The journey continued year on year satisfying the educational domain customers including colleges and vocational training institutes across the country and abroad.

This team always had a positive thinking about developing and delivering quality system that meets the needs of tomorrow. Today the application and the Mobile APPS are rich in feature, functionality, technology, security and data recovery etc. Entab very well understand the importance of ergonomic in automation technology and value equally the aesthetic aspects, both together helps us to make it an international reputed system and beyond.

Mission & Vision

Entab's mission is to provide the best campus management ERP solution and our vision is to emerge as a global player in this field. We want to leave no stone unturned and are determined to be highly productive and competitive to prove our expertise and quality that is being acquired since 2000. This burning desire to emerge as a leader galvanized by product quality, effective support services, continuous product up gradation, best value for money have been the cornerstones for our business success and we could achieve it through the past 17 years. All entabians sincerely put their best to strengthen the good will and credibility that we have already achieved.


Entab believes that the employees are the major asset of the company and they come first at all times. We do put sincere efforts in bringing up quality manpower who can deliver the services with responsibility.Trustworthy and responsible staff are the strength of CampusCare® services. Our company management and senior staff comprise of vastly experienced professionals from both the IT industry as well as from the education Sector. This remarkable blend of fine talents and experience makes Entab enormously powerful to take on the challenges that lie ahead to make it a global IT solutions provider. Entab is in the process of increasing the number of quality staff and CampusCare® clients.

Entab Today

Entab Today is a dynamic and vibrant organization brimming with confidence and pride about its achievements in the past 17 years. Our flagship product CampusCare® is the number 1 national product in the competitive educational application software market. Entab delivers the best campus management software with highest rate of success with higher number of clientele. This confidence we could develop in the market space just because by understanding the expectation level of our customers and delivering beyond. We are the leader in terms of experience, quality of product, after sales support etc and improving further to meet the expectation of tomorrow.

It is important to mention here, that few of our customers left us due to various reason after long association of 10 or more years and most of them have returned to us happily with better understanding and acceptance . This is the greatest award and acknowledgement that we can project as our major credibility factor in front of anyone who wish to associate with us.

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