School ERP Entab

Parent Portal- This enables the school to maintain the history of information that are passed on to students and parents over a period of time. It has the facility to login to various academic session, hence the report cards of previous years are also view able. The fee certificate and fee receipt for the previous sessions, syllabus, time table etc are easily accessible .

The parent portal enables a parent to know each and every information pertaining to their ward. He /she can make online fees, print receipts, view the assignments, circulars, etc.

The more information related to this can be taken during the demonstration of the software and apps. There are portal for staff, student portal in addition to parent portal, principal portal and management portal. The basic aim is to communicate with parents and simplify the process of education in the modern world.Apps are an immediate tools for quick information.

Infact it is a golden treasure for parents to handle the education of their wards in the fast moving and competitive world. This in turn improve the overall result, discipline, performance and responsibility factors of teachers of the school and the reputation as well. Help the school to fill the school with better parents and the fruit is amazing....

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