Live Lab Experiments
Live Lab Experiments

Lab activities and experiments are demonstrated live to help with lab manuals and skill-based questions.

Practice Worksheets

Follows the latest board pattern of questions to practice and learn.

Master the Chapter

Master the Chapter

An expert’s panel discusses the application of important concepts in real-life to help answer advance level questions.

Quick Revision

Quick Revision

A concept map and its discussion help you revise the whole chapter in 15 to 20 minutes.

Short Notes

Short Notes

All important points are covered with the help of graphical presentations.

Take A Quiz

Take A Quiz

Helps to revise all key concepts, and ideas discussed in a module.

Mock Test

Mock Test

A personalised assessment of varying difficulty levels to practice for any exams.


Benefits of i2 Learning After School

  • Learning becomes an extension of schooling at home for effective revision & relearning
  • Helps deeper understanding of concepts, complex processes and ideas
  • Fosters long-term retention of concepts to perform well in exams and assessments
  • Strengthens critical thinking skills to answer well application-based questions
  • Includes Practice Worksheets following the latest CBSE pattern of questions
  • Helps score high scores and grades
  • Saves time! A topic is delivered in 7-10 minutes saving you upto 60% of time
  • Reports and analytics help track learning progress
  • Dedicated Mentor
  • Regular Doubt-solving sessions
22 years

Decades Helping School

Decades Helping School & Students

Entab Experiential Learning Solutions
Entab Experiential Learning Solutions
Entab Experiential Learning Solutions
Entab Experiential Learning Solutions
Entab Experiential Learning Solutions
Entab Experiential Learning Solutions
Entab Experiential Learning Solutions
Entab Experiential Learning Solutions
Entab Experiential Learning Solutions

i2 Experiential Learning Solutions

David Kolb’s Experiential Learning Solutions Cycle

Benefits of i2 Experiential Learning Solutions

  • Follows NEP-based Teaching Learning process
  • Powers deeper understanding of concepts, complex processes and ideas
  • Helps build employable talent and entrepreneurial skills
  • Strengthens critical thinking and the ability to apply the concepts learnt in real life
  • Fosters long-term retention of concepts
  • Encourages Art Integration, Sports Integration and ‘Knowledge of India’
  • Cross-curricular integration of essential Subjects
  • Provides Experiential Learning Lesson Plans for Teachers
  • Includes Practice Worksheets following the latest CBSE pattern of questions
  • Design Your Question Paper follows Competency-based Assessments
Entab Experiential Learning Solutions









CampusCare® ERP Software

Intelligently manage and run your school online and offline and develops personalized learning programs for K-12 students

  • CampusCare ERP Software

    CampusCare ERP Software

    Delegate to technology and be Free. When we become free of daily operational activities, we can have higher focus on Build and Grow the school.

  • Stable ERP

    Stable ERP

    The major challenge today in India is the stability of the company that develop school ERPs and its service. Entab could give a strong message to the world about its stability both in terms of company and its products.

  • matured-erp

    Matured ERP

    Entab a known name in ERP since 2000. It is EVOLVED over 22 years and a stable system. High in accuracy, speed , safety and security. Have an average retention of 12-14 years with customers. Churn rate is less than 4%.

  • Academics

    Futuristic ERP

    Technology, Functionality, Devices and Users are keep changing. Pioneer in school ERP and always bringing NEW , NEXT and BETTER by innovation and prepare the path forward.

  • Administration & Accounts


    Report Card, Analysis, summary sheet, promotion, assignment, Library, Lesson plan etc

  • Administrative


    Registration for admission, certificates, student and staff master data, transport, GPS and inventory management.

  • Finance


    Fee management, online PG, salary, EPF, ESI, Accounts, online fee payment,

  • Accountability

    Financial product

    Zenda – offered EMI option for parents, Flexibility or 360 degree cash management for schools.

  • mobile-app1

    Mobile apps

    Communication made simple. Home work, circulars , online fee payment and so on while on move.

  • Multi-Year Student Dashboard

    NEP tools integration

    Lesson plans, time table assister, work sheets, Dc contents for teaching etc are integrated system.

  • ERP consultancy

    ERP consultancy

    Entab shares the best consultancy for implementing an ERP solution, since their experience matches none in the country.

  • erp-experience

    ERP Experience

    Experience created by the product, service and consultancies are of a different level and gives immense happiness and value for money that you invest to place a good system. Good ERP ensures a regular growth for a good school.

  • Data Driven School

    Data driven School

    A good ERP convert the school to data driven organisation. Data is the new ‘oil’. It gives you various analytics and new knowledge that will be descriptive, predictive and prescriptive. This knowledge will be helpful to build and grow the school.

Preschool Management Software

Preschool Management Software

A systematic way is the true way, follow the data for great success.

Since the needs of a preschool are very different from that of a big school, Entab CampusKidz has been uniquely designed to cater to those requirements. Powered with cloud computing, our preschool ERP can be accessed from any part of the world.

Track Child Activity

Track Child Activity and Development

Improve Parent Engagement

Improve Parent Engagement

Automate Management Information

Automate Management Information

Online Fee Payment

Online Fee Payment

Simple to Use

Simple to Use and Impressive to Parents and Staff

School Mobile Apps

A self-serve portal for your stakeholders.

Entab school management mobile apps are seamless, user-friendly, and robust with more than 4 lakh app installs and a 4.3-star rating. The apps are designed to enhance student performance, promote parent-school collaboration, and encourage personalised learning.

  • Mobile app for
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Principals
  • Management
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i2 Experiential Learning Solutions

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CampusCare® Mobile App

Campuskidz Mobile App

Campuskidz Mobile App

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Live Lab Experiments

Lab activities and experiments are demonstrated in real-life to help with lab manuals and skill-based questions.



IX Fundamental Unit Of Life



VIII Materials Metals And Non metals



VIII Understanding Quadrilaterals Lab Activity



IX Force And Laws Of Motion

Q1Assertion: Gaseous wastes produced in a plant's body are removed only during the daytime when the stomata are open.
Reason: Plant produce gaseous wastes during the processes of photosynthesis and respiration.
  • 1Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A
  • 2 Both A and R are ture but R is NOT the correct explanation of A
  • 3A is true but R is false
  • 4A is false but R is true
Q2 Ria wants to conduct an experiments to study the significance of chlorophyll in the process of photosynthesis. which of the following plants should she use for the experiment?
entab infotech Pvt Ltd
  • ARose, money plant, coleus
  • BCroton, money plant, coleus
  • CSunflower, croton, coleus
  • DCroton, rose, geranium
Q3Paragraph The student of grade IX prepared temporary mounts of onion peels bt taking onion of different sizes, along with the leaf peel and root top. For the activity, each student obtained a small piece of peel or section and stained it using safranin. later they placed it on a slide having glycerine and observed it under a coumpound microscope.

If a student is observing an onion peel under a compound microscope, which of the following is he likely to observe?

  • 01
    entab infotech Pvt Ltd
  • 02
    entab infotech Pvt Ltd
  • 03
    entab infotech Pvt Ltd
  • 04
    entab infotech Pvt Ltd
Q4 Is Euclid's Division Lemma true for positive integers?
entab infotech Pvt Ltd
  • Atrue
  • Bfalse
Q5The stem of the ginger plant gets modified to
entab infotech Pvt Ltd
  • 01

    Anchor the plant in the soil

  • 02

    Perform photosynthesis

  • 03

    Provide support

  • 04

    Store Food

Q6Paragraph The production of a new plant is called reproduction. flowers play an important role in the process of reproduction. this is why they are called the reproductive organs of the plant. some of the plants have flowers while some do not. when flowers get mature, they change into fruits and these fruits have seeds in them. A seed grows into a new plant.

Below are the dissected parts of a hibiscus flower placed separately on a sheet of paper. By observing the parts can you identify what type of flower is this?

entab infotech Pvt Ltd
  • 1Asexual flowers as it does not contain male and female parts.
  • 2Bisexual flower as it contains both male and female parts.
  • 3Unisexual flower as it contains only the male part.
  • 4Heterosexual flower as it contains more than one male and female part.
Q7 The HCF of two numbers 54 and 81 is 27. the LCM of these two given number is
entab infotech Pvt Ltd
  • A45
  • B9
  • C36
  • D162


Questions Attempt

7 Correct 5 Wrong 5 Skip

Total Marks: 35

Date: 20/10/2021

Time: 11:41 AM