ERP generated report can enhance school’s performance index

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a web-based tool that simplifies back-end processes of an organization. A school management system removes all the hectic, tedious and manual time-taking jobs, converting all of them into computer-based jobs, cutting time, effort and cost of the organization considerably. Another crucial aspect of implementing a school ERP system that it generates data in electronic form, which can be accessed universally and hence it expedites the decision-making process by providing a detailed analyzed report instantly.

ERP generated report can enhance school’s performance index

A school management system not just simplifies the work processes, yes, it is the primary function but it doesn’t end there. In this “data age,” information holds the key to success of an organization. Judicious use of the generated day to day data can help a school in scrutinizing and enhancing performance of students, teachers and staffs regularly making it a better school in the process.

With wide ranging ERP modules covering each aspect of a school and integrated communication portal, Entab’s ERP provides world-class ed-tech solution products and services. Apart from executing all the school operations mechanically, it also processes the generated data and prepares report accordingly.

ERP generated report can enhance school’s performance index

Along with a simplified school process, Entab’s school ERP also makes excellent reports on every module that it provides:

Information is of no use if it is not analyzed in the right direction. Entab’s powerful and reliable school ERP software analyzes and scrutinizes every minute details from modules namely, admission, academics, finance, communication, etc., to generate day to day reports, ad-hoc reports and long-term analysis reports. These reports help a school in analyzing the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) so that the school administration can constantly work on improving the standards of teaching and raise the level of education, simultaneously raising the school’s reputation and goodwill.


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