ERP Product & Services

Entab has been a key player in the education industry since the year 2000. We always try to come up with products that not only overcome the challenges faced by schools and parents, but also make the whole process more streamlined and productive. And Entab School ERP is an example of one such innovation that has helped more than 1500 schools across the country by letting them organise the most tedious and protracted administrative tasks on a single platform.

Our school ERP is so designed that it delivers complete campus automation to institutes thus helping them optimise and manage resources that further lead to higher productivity results. Entab School ERP facilitates schools with features such as data storage, security, easy accessibility, integration, and better communication for ameliorating their operational efficiency with no gigantic investment.

Powered with cloud computing,Entab School ERP provides ease of access to all the users as the data is stored in a centralised location. Data can be easily recovered as the backup happens automatically. Another interesting feature of our School ERP is that it is very easy-to-implement that doesn’t require complex infrastructure and hardware. Furthermore, its role-based access feature ensures the 360-degree security of data.

Our School ERP is completely web-based, hence all stakeholders- principals, management, teachers, and parents can easily access it from any location at any time, all you need is an active internet connection. In addition, our school ERP helps schools perform the most intricate tasks such as finance and accounting without any errors. The aim is to provide a system so reliable and secure that it eliminates all sorts of possible threats and setbacks.

Entab School ERP bridges the communication gap between schools, and parents keeping all stakeholders updated with the latest activities and actions. Parents can easily access their ward’s performance and schools can broadcast all the important information and particulars for better functioning.

To keep the whole process more immaculate and smoother, we have a diligent support team that is always there to resolve all sorts of queries in no time at all. Our exceptional product and astounding services have made us one of the most trusted and preferable names in the industry. With our extraordinary innovations, we aim to transform good schools into the best schools.


We understand how busy the modern world is and that everyone’s always on the go, hence we have created CampusCare® mobile app that can be easily accessed on mobile phones. These mobile apps are designed to work with the School ERP software and give desired outputs only when these features are opted and used by the school. With these apps, important features such as online fee payment, daily assignments, fee details, report cards, and exam related information can be viewed by the stakeholders.

Features of CampusCare® Mobile Apps:

Enterprise Edition

Ready to use

Enhances Student Performance

Fosters Parent-School Collaboration

Promote Personalised Learning

Available for Residential Schools

Supports Multi-School Chains


ince every school has requirements of its own, we have designed the CampusSoft® mobile app that lets schools opt for only those features that they require. Just like our CampusCare® mobile app, CampusSoft® mobile app can also work with the School ERP software. The app is available in the following 2 versions:

Following are the Features:

Standard Edition

Ready to use

Note: We provide CampusSoft® Lite Regular Version also.

CampusSoft® Mobile App Modules and their Respective Features:

Mobile app for Parents: Receive homework, assignment, projects, and circulars, pay the fee online, view exam schedules, report cards, etc.

Mobile app for Teachers: Apply for leaves, view attendance, upload homework, assignments, check student information, etc.

Mobile app for Principals: Monitor statistics and keep a track of what is going on in the school premises. Check login history for both parents and teachers

Mobile app for Management: Check staff details such as payroll, view class-wise data and the number of defaulters, etc.


We understand that the needs of a pre-school are much different from that of a bigger school, hence we have designed CampusKidz™, a School ERP specially curated to address the requirements of pre-schools. The CampusKidz™ ERP is an artificially intelligent software that makes the functioning of pre-schools more efficient and successful by ardently understanding their goals and aspirations. The CampusKidz™ mobile app is designed to work in harmony with the school ERP software covering all stakeholders- Principals, Teachers, Management, and Parents.

Following are the Benefits:

Track Child Activity and Development

Improve Parent Engagement

Automate Daily Tasks and Manage School Data

Hassle-Free Online Fee Payment

Easy to Use and Impressive to Staff and Parents

School Websites Development

Our web development team deftly integrates the school website with robust school software to help schools overcome day-to-day challenges. With website integration, schools can keep a track of what’s going on within and beyond the school premises in real-time. We offer Single Sign-On (SSO) integration, i.e. the user requires only one set of login credentials (User ID and Password) to access their account on our school software, School ERP Mobiles Apps, and Communication Portals.

Features of our School Website Development:

Full-scale website designing for schools that do not have their official websites beforehand

Integration of school websites with our school management information system and school management mobile app

No need to manage data at two places as the data integrated by Microsoft Technologies and servers can be integrated with the student information system of the school

A safe and secure platform for principals, teachers, administrators, and parents

Advanced data security systems in place to keep private information safe

Software Consultancy

Looking for software consultancy for your school? We’ve got you covered! Whether you can’t decide which School ERP will be the most suitable for your school or have some doubts about the product, our team of experts is always there to assist you. We help you find the right solution that is cost-effective, flexible, and perfectly corresponds to your school goals. Since our inception, our ardent workforce has been helping more than thousands of schools in the country by letting them gauge the state of their education system and to know what change they need.

Features of our Software Consultancy:

Deep analysis of the client’s requirements and challenges

A team of experts who have helped over 1500 schools with their consultation

Finding the best-suited solutions for your school by mapping your requirements to features and functionality

Recommendation of the best ERP software solutions for taking care of all of your requirements