ERP Product & Services

We are always looking for solutions to the challenges faced by the school and parents. Entab’s products are designed to help schools overcome obstacles and turn these good schools into the best schools. We are offering world-class services to the top schools in India since the year 2000.

Go Paperless with Entab’s School ERP Software From error-free attendance maintenance to smooth online fee collection, our school management software makes accounting and managing a school easier than ever. Secure and reliable, it bridges the communication gap between students, teachers, administrators, and parents.


CampusCare - Mobile Apps are designed to work with school ERP software. It will give desired output only when these features are opted and used by the school.

Following are the Features:

Enterprise Edition

Residential Schools


Ready to Use

Personalise learning

Enhance student performance

Foster parent-school collaboration

This enables the school, teachers and management to come to the same platform and the student’s education gets strengthened as a collective effort. This helps us to view the daily assignments, school and class news, fee detail, online fee payment, exam related information, report cards etc.


Mobile App designed to work with school ERP software. It will give desired output only when these features are opted and used by the school.

Following are the Features:

Standard Edition

Ready to Use

Note: We provide (CampusSoft) lite regular edition also.

Mobile app for schools:

Mobile app for Parents - Receive homework, projects, assignments, and circulars, pay fee online, See exam schedules and report cards, etc.

Mobile app for Teachers - Apply for leaves/View attendance, Upload assignments, homework, student information can be checked.

Mobile app for Students - Monitor statistics and what is going on in the school, Check login history of both teachers and parents.

Mobile app for Management - View class-wise data, Check staff details including payrolls, See the number of defaulters.


Preschools have specific requirements that are different from those of large K-12 schools, thus generic software is insufficient to address their needs. This is exactly the reason we have a tailor-made, best-in-class CampusKidz ERP for kindergarten schools. It is specifically engineered and crafted, keeping in mind the preschool requirements. This artificially intelligent ERP software understands the goals and aspirations of a preschool and offers advanced technology that will make your preschool more efficient and successful.

CampusKidz Mobile App is designed to work in harmony with the school ERP software. We offer Mobile apps for Principals, Teachers, Parents, and School Management.

Following are the Benefits:

Track Child Activity and Development

Improve Parent Engagement

Automate Daily Tasks and Manage School Data

Hassle-Free Online Fee Payment

Simple to Use and Impressive to Parents and Staff

CampusCare i-learn

CampusCare® i–learn is an EdTech solution that has the power to revolutionise the world of classroom teaching. The product comes equipped with the present-day technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and 3D which bring the abstract concepts to life, thus making lessons more engaging and easily understandable by students.

Following are the Features:

Online/Offline solution

CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE and State Boards

3000+ On Page Interactive Exercises and Simulations

5100+ 3D Learning Resources

Cross platforms – iOS and Andriod

Note: Integrated with CampusCare ERP.

Software Consultancy

We provide a wide range of school ERP software consulting services undertaking an analysis of school management system. For us, it’s important to find the right solution that is flexible and cost-effective and perfectly corresponds to your school goals.

At Entab, through our experience of engaging with over 1500 educational clients since our inception, we have experts to help educational institutions really gauge the state of their education systems, to know what they need to change.

Following are the Features:

Understand client needs and challenges

Our Software consultants map your requirements to features and functionality that are best suited for your School/organisation.

Our experts recommend you with best ERP software solutions for all your needs & requirements.

School Websites Development

Entab’s web development team integrates the school website with robust school software to help schools overcome day-to-day challenges. Website integration enables the school to get a fuller picture of what is going on within and beyond the premises in real time. We offer single sign-on (SSO) integration, i.e. the user needs only one set of login credentials (user id and password) to access their account on our school software, School ERP mobile apps and communication portals.

Following are the Features:

We also design full-scale websites for schools that do not have their official sites beforehand.

We integrate them with our school management information system and school management mobile app.

The data integrated by Microsoft Technologies and servers which can be automatically integrated with the student information system of the school, meaning they would not have to manage data in two places.

Our ironclad school software and school management mobile apps provide a safe and secure platform for parents, teachers, principals and administrators.

We have advanced data security systems in place to keep private information safe.