Importance of Discipline in Student’s Life

Bhumi Chopra

Bhuwi Chopra
Muni International School
Mohan Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110059

Due to population growth and the proliferation of compulsory education, UNESCO has calculated that in the next 30 years, more people will receive formal education than in any prior period of human history. Illiteracy and the percentage of populations without any schooling have already decreased, from 36% in 1960 to 25% in 2000.

In recent years the global context of education has brought a new focus to education policy and practices for strengthening economic and sustainable development.

UNESCO is encouraging countries in their efforts to diminish the immediate influence of school closures, especially for more vulnerable and disadvantaged areas, and to encourage the continuation of education for all through e-learning modules from home.

It is a significant time for all students and teachers.

Class-wise groups created over WhatsApp where students can post their homework and ask their questions directly from the teachers anytime/anywhere.

But this kind of education was becoming a hurdle for many rural area schools. They have no internet connection, smartphones, and laptops to endure the new change. Because of the lack of access to the internet or technology in rural areas, only less than 50 percent of students attend digital classes.

Not just online education, taking care of the teachers/ staff, and students during the outbreak of COVID-19 was also the responsibility of the school. Being a student of Muni International School, I was helped with the process of acupressure and health tips on how we can make our immunity stronger day by day.

Global Education is an approach of bringing about change in our society.


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