Why is LMS better than the other Digital Classroom Solutions?

There are plenty of digital classroom solutions out there, so why would one choose LMS over others? Each solution comes with a set of interesting videos and content that can bind the attention of students and instil concepts in a better way. So, what exactly does LMS have that other digital classroom solutions don’t? Here’s what gives the Learning Management System an edge over the other EdTech solutions and makes it a must-have product for schools across the country.

Why is LMS better than the other Digital Classroom Solutions?
  • Equipped with Modern-Day Technologies: LMS is not just an ordinary EdTech solution that provides a set of videos that has to be played by the teachers and the students have to watch it as spectators. It is a learning management system powered with present-day technologies such as Active 3D, and Augmented Reality. LMS is so designed that it not only makes learning a fun affair but enhances teacher-student collaboration as well.
  • Boosts Teacher-Student Collaboration: LMS is an EdTech solution designed for students as well as teachers. Most of the existing digital classroom solutions are student-centric and teachers don’t get a chance to be much involved in the process. But LMS comes with modules that have minimal voice-over which allows teachers to get actively involved in the process and teach as per their ease. This further boost teacher-student collaboration.
  • Gigantic Library of Contents: Another interesting feature that gives LMS an edge over other digital learning products is its huge content library covering the curriculum of major boards- CBSE, IB, ICSE, IGCSE, and state boards from class 1 to 12 focussing and fostering STEM education among students. LMS offers a library of more than 5100 3D learning resources, over 2000 Virtual Reality contents, and 3000+ on page interactive simulations and exercises, which most of the other digital classroom solutions don't.
  • Promotes Kinaesthetic Learning: Whilst most of the students are not auditory or visual learners, LMS OR Experiential Learning is a product that caters to all sorts of learners, opening avenues for kinaesthetic learners as well. Many researches have already proved that experiential learning is beneficial for all types of learners as it promotes long-term memory retention, quick learning, and teamwork skills, hence LMS acts as a catalyst in making learning more productive.
  • Increases Student Engagement: In the contemporary, technologies such as AR and 3D are omnipresent and are being well-received, especially by the youth. Hence, it helps in garnering the attention of students as it makes learning interactive and fun. Students find it very interesting to view life-like 3D content and simulations that give you a 3-dimensional 360-degree view of abstract topics such as the human respiratory system.
  • Distraction-free Learning: Be it Virtual Reality or 3D Stereo, it is designed to nurture a learner-centred environment that lets students understand and learn concepts in a more collaborative way without any distractions. Whilst there are no or lesser distractions around, students get to learn at their own pace through personalised learning.
  • Gamification of Learning: Since Augmented Reality, Experiential Learning, and 3D are being very well deployed in the world of gaming and entertainment, LMS is one of the fewer management systems that maximizes student engagement by incorporating gamification of learning. This approach is beneficial as it quickly captures the interest of learners and inspires them to keep on learning.
  • Enhances Long-term Memory Retention: With LMS, students can learn in a distraction-free environment and experience personalised learning. This helps them understand topics and concepts in a better way and remember things for a longer period of time which is not possible with other digital classroom solutions.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive EdTech solution for your school, then CampusCare® LMS and Experiential Learning is the best option available out there. Loaded with a number of brilliant features and outstanding content, it’ll not only make learning fun and easier for students but help teachers as well by making the teaching process more interesting.


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