School Management System Features and Modules

In the contemporary world, the school management system has become a necessity for every school. Especially, when it comes to big schools with larger strengths, it becomes important to have a school management software for smoother administration. Even pre-schools and mid-level institutes are implementing school ERP these days, as it streamlines all the cumbersome tasks of management and minimizes errors. But that’s not all a school management system does. If you choose the right school administration software, it can even help in providing personalized learning to students and strengthen the communication channel between parents and teachers. Let’s discuss the modules and features a school management system offers.

Features of a School Management System

School management software comes equipped with tremendous features that benefit schools in a large number of ways. Be it creating a strong communication channel or keeping a track of the daily school activities, a school ERP lets you do it all. Here are some really impressive features of a school management system that makes it a must-have tool for all schools.

  • Simple User Interface:Gone are the days when software and apps had to be too complicated to understand. The modern school management software has a simple user interface allowing all the stakeholders- parents, principals, management, and teachers to understand it in a short period.
  • Quick and Easy Implementation:Collecting and registering the overall data of a large school is a time-taking process. But with an artificially intelligent school management system powered with data analytics, the software can be implemented in no time. Schools don’t have to wait for weeks and months to start using the school management software.
  • Easy to Understand and Learn:Since most of the school management software these days have a simpler user interface, understanding and learning this software has become much easier.
  • Role-Based Access:Since there are many stakeholders involved in a school ecosystem, it is imperative to provide role-based access to each user. This is also done to keep the data secure and accessible to the concerned user. Hence, a principal will be able to view the login history of every user, a parent or a teacher, on the other hand, won't be able to do so.
  • Multi-User Functionality:Advancements in technology have led to the development of school management systems that allow a large number of users to access the school management software without any failure or breakdown.
  • Data Backup and Security: Since most of the school management software these days are cloud-based, schools do not have to worry about data recovery and backup as the data is stored in a centralized location.
  • Email and SMS Integration:It is challenging to create and maintain good communication among all the stakeholders. But with school management software, it can be easily done. A school ERP provides a communication platform for all the users, allowing them to exchange emails and SMS.
  • Energy and Cost Saving: A school management system eliminates the burden from the administrative staff to perform every task with pen and paper. A school ERP software also eliminates the requirement of hiring too many officials when the same can be done with the help of a software.
  • Customizable as per School Requirements:Since every school has different structures, rules, and regulations, a school management system should be customized accordingly. Modern school ERP lets you manage the daily operations as per the requirements of the schools.

Modules of a School Management System

Now that you’re aware of the features of a school management system, it’s time to explore its exciting modules that help schools in a large number of ways.

  • School Attendance Management:Marking attendance on a register is a time-taking process. Hence, school management software digitally records the attendance of all students and informs parents if their child is absent. Moreover, parents can apply for leaves through the software, rather than sending a written application to the school.
  • Financial Accounting:Financial accounting is an intricate task that requires a lot of attention. School management systems of the present-day come equipped with cloud computing and artificial intelligence making calculations automatic and data storage in a centralized location.
  • School Fee Management:Fee collection and management is yet another time-taking and quite a challenging task for schools. An artificially intelligent school administration software lets parents pay the fees online and stay updated with the last day of payment with special alerts. School administration, on the other hand, can keep track of the defaulters and the total collection.
  • Library Management:Managing a library is a lot difficult than it looks. A school administration software allows a school to effortlessly manage thousands of magazines, textbooks, school albums, newspapers, and all the other types of books on a single platform. The users can view which books are available and get them issued for reading.
  • Exam & Result Management:Parents always have to wait for the result day to understand how their ward is performing at the school. A school management system gives parents the liberty to view the progress of their child as soon as the teachers upload the same on the software. Besides, parents can also generate beautiful report cards whenever they want.
  • Student Information System:Complete information of every student is recorded in the software. This is one of the most important modules of a school ERP which makes it easier for schools to access the information of any student, any time.
  • Bus Transport & GPS:Student safety is one of the most important aspects for any school. With the bus transport and GPS module, parents can keep track of the location of their child.
  • Online Registration:Yet another time-consuming task, registration of a student in a school requires physical presence and the involvement of a dedicated resource. Online registration, on the other hand, allows registration of a student sitting in any corner of the world in no time.