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Sports Is Important With Academic Perfection

Ishanshika arora
Venkateshwar International School
School in Delhi, India
Sector 10 Dwarka, Dwarka, New Delhi

Academic success is essential because working people will necessitate higher levels of education to tackle the technologically demanding occupations of the future. Our goal has always been to surpass academics.

Gradually, many of us tend to neglect sports education and continue working hard for better grades in the exams.

We study to grow in knowledge and give examinations to keep the brain in action, but our mind is not the only thing that needs exercising. As Kapil Dev once said, “Apart from education, you need good health, and for that, you need sports.”

Every school has sports embedded in their curriculum as they recognize the significance of physical health and activity. However, the importance given to sports ends on curriculum papers only — in its inclusion just for the sake of protocol.

As the saying goes, ‘A healthy brain needs a healthy body. ‘ Sports not only has helped to maintain physical fitness, but also mental well-being.

Academics and sports should go hand in hand. On the one hand, academics accommodates to improve our grades, and on the other sports keeps our body healthy.

Studies have shown that exercise increases blood flow to the brain and helps the body build more connections between nerves, leading to boost concentration, enhanced memory, stimulated creativity, and better-developed problem-solving skills. In short, playing sports helps your brain grow and makes it work better.

Studies have proven exercise increases dopamine levels in the brain, which decreases stress and even depression. This chemical causes the famous “runners-high” because it enhances those “feel-good” transmitters.

Sports are about teamwork, healthy competition, leadership, handling pressure, being motivated, and commitment. With sports, we learn to handle our emotions.

We acquire social skills like cooperation and coordination. A sports team could be successful only if they showed a joint effort that requires each member to cooperate.

Moreover, through sports, we maintain good health. One 30 minute run is guaranteed to burn between 200-500 calories. It is the best step forward toward our weight loss goal, or a guilt-free guilty pleasure of the day, or splitting the bottle instead of having a glass.

An active individual is not only healthier and fit but also shows better performance in mental livelihood.

We often observe some students lose interest or motivation in learning, as they feel stressed or challenging to concentrate in class. Sports can help kids to get rid of these concentration problems. We all can agree on the fact that all students feel happy and vigorous in the play period. It is because while playing sports the body releases some neurotransmitters that help us overcome anxiety and enjoy a sound sleep.

Nowadays, we have seen a lot of schools organizing sports activities in their curriculum. They are focusing on the holistic development of the child that goes along with academic fulfillment. Finally, I would like to conclude by saying - Sports is an indispensable part of our education. We must work for an intelligent brain in a healthy body.

Ishanshika arora
Venkateshwar International School
School in Delhi, India
Sector 10 Dwarka, Dwarka, New Delhi