The 5 most important reasons to switch to hybrid Learning K-12

The Pandemic changed the world and revolutionised the education system with hybrid learning solutions. When the world halted with lockdowns, education system worked hard to impart education to each and every student. Educators explored new areas to provide quality education and we developed the K-12 Hybrid learning Solutions to end the quest.

Hybrid learning technology has enabled instructors to transform teaching into a completely new classroom experience. It improved the flexibility and customization of classes, the accessibility of learning, and the use of effective learning programmes during courses. This experience facilitates an overall better teaching and learning environment for educators and students in higher education.

Why is LMS better than the other Digital Classroom Solutions?

Here are the 5 most important reasons to switch to hybrid Learning

  • Experiential Learning programs with best educational content – Entab brings 21st century education with the best educational content and learning experience for students. Experiential Learning Programs based on National Education policy (NEP) 2020 help educators and students grasp concepts more quickly and in a short period of time.
  • Strictly based on NCERT and CBSE curriculum – Hybrid learning solutions provide the experiential learning programmes strictly based on the NCERT curriculum and CBSE syllabus. It provides educators a new opportunity to utilise the best option for each learning objective.
  • Live Demo of Lab Experiments – The Hybrid Learning Solution offers both students and teachers access to the best of digital worlds with an experiential Learning Lab K -12 that has a Live demo of lab experiments. It helps in learning faster and better.
  • Encourage learning with CBE & CBA – Programs are based on competency-based education (CBE) and competency-based assessments (CBA) to acknowledge various understanding levels of students and encourage them to learn better at their own pace.
  • Best learning tools for faster learning - LMS with AI -Based practice worksheets and Assessments, Smart Lesson Plans, Digital Teaching resources, and Question Banks allows educators to manage time efficiently. It is a reliable teaching method for students for faster learning.

Entab effectively manages an online and offline education with personalised learning programmes for K-12 students. It has adaptive practice modules developed with the aid of technology for an effective learning experience to cater to different learning styles.

The programmes are strictly based on the NCERT curriculum and CBSE’s Learning Standard Framework in HD Quality content with immersive experiences.

Broaden the horizons of the students with the help of hybrid education and let them experience the completely new world of learning with K-12 Hybrid Learning Solutions.


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