Transitioning classes into electric gadgets- Life of students

Manali Sengupta

Name- Manali Sengupta
Class- 10
Kerala Samajam Model School, Jamshedpur.

Transitioning classes into electric gadgets is a new normal for all of us.

Beyond the electronic connection, we necessitate connecting emotionally -- unexpectedly in times of anxiety and ambivalence during this pandemic.

After the outbreak of the pandemic, every one of us commenced working from home and continuing the social distance mantras to guard ourselves against the covid-19 virus.

The same happened in the education industry as well.

From nowhere, our summer vacation arrived a little unexpected. That made us very happy being at home, in the beginning. But the feeling of joy withers away within a few months.

Transitioning classes into electric gadgets, surely help us to study our lesson on time and saves our academic year but disengaged us from meeting our teachers and classmates for a long-drawn time.

The idea of using digital technologies to teach students from home is to maintain our learning but boost our stress with each passing day.

On the one hand, we were having the most enjoyable learning experience with the help of online lectures, teleconferencing, digital open books, online examination, and interaction in virtual environments but on the other hand, we yearned for our routine and masked free life back!

Some 1.37 billion students in 138 countries worldwide and 32 million students in India were affected by school and university closures, according to UNESCO.

Using our mobile phones daily for our lectures becomes indispensable in our life.

Instead of waking up at 6 am and getting ready for our school; we were searching for our laptops/ cell phones for online lectures at our bed with breakfast at our side.

Without chalkboards, we move forward with eLearning modules and save our academic year in mid of lockdown with electric gadgets and online education.

We are grateful to our government, our school, and our teachers for introducing the concept of online classes and homework submission over the WhatsApp group.

School leaders have pushed to think creatively as they develop remote learning plans that are accessible to all.

It resulted in a digital revolution in the higher education policy.

All in all, it is a victory for all of us!

Name- Manali Sengupta
Class- 10
Kerala Samajam Model School, Jamshedpur.


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