Significance of Having a Vision and Ethos in School

Barad Jayendra Bhupatbhai

Principal, Podar International School, Veraval, Gujarat

There is no doubt that each and every unit, institution, company, business firm, market place, factory, shop and in fact each and every human being have some or the other vision about their workplace/life. It is a different matter whether the individual is consciously maintaining an awareness of the vision. Having a vision is as easy as drinking a glass of water; However, living it is what will make the difference. A VISION should never be scaled in terms of the size of the goal. A vision should be intense enough to make you feel POSITIVE irrespective of the challenges or the size of the goal. For this to happen, you need to buy your own vision first and then sell it across the universe with PASSION and PERSEVERENCE.

A vision is considered successful- Be it a Personal/Institutional Vision – only when it brings visible positive difference in the lives of the concerned individuals. These changes should reflect in their thought process, day to day dealings and in the way of life of the people overall. To ensure a vision doesn’t loss its potency ethos is very crucial.

Let me talk to you about the importance of Ethos in school in very simple manner.

It is the school which DISCOVERS, DIRECTS and DEVELOPS the people, society and civilization of tomorrow. In the language of technology “Output is all about what we install”. The same thing goes with the VALUES, CONDUCT and MORALS. The vision of schools should always be backed and protected by developing strong ethos. If students are exposed to an atmosphere of desirable positive behaviour right from day one at school, the impact of such students on then society would only lead to a great future.

The vision and ethos are complementary - They go hand in hand. “Students don’t follow instructions, they only follow actions.” When a strong vision backed by powerful ethos reflects in the behaviour of the leaders and the teachers continuously and not just in textbooks, the day is not far when we don’t have to teach our students:

  • To be on time
  • To be well groomed
  • To follow and pursue truth
  • To respect all
  • To protect all
  • To nurture nature
  • National integrity
  • To be what you are etc....

Educational institutions do not just have the responsibility of creating literate individuals to run the society, but are also greatly accountable for developing ideal human beings who can carry forward the legacy of the human civilization which stands strong on pillars of ETHICS and EXCELLENCE.

If teachers teach for outcome and not output they can inspire; Doctors to focus on treating the needy and not the rich; Engineers to aim for excellence and not functionality; Politicians to focus on Nationalism and not vote banks; Businessmen to focus on uplifting the society and not on profits; Innovators and Bosses to focus on making peoples life better and not on a fat pay check , in general individuals to think of themselves as a critical part of a powerful and vibrant society and not just as mere individuals.

Jay Hind! Vande Mataram!

Barad Jayendra Bhupatbhai

Principal, Podar International School, Veraval, Gujarat