Magic Spells to Calm a Noisy Class

Dr. Sherin Shervani

Director, Angel Global School, Aligarh-U.P

Classroom is a place that is happening and chaotic. There are little minds in the class that need direction, their energies need to be channelized constantly. The teacher is not only the source of knowledge but a source of inspiration. The teacher has to teach, motivate, discipline and care simultaneously. The teacher needs to display and acquire different roles. S/He has to be patient, understanding, committed, energetic, disciplined, dynamic, creative and communicative. These broad spectrum qualities make a teacher a multi-talented person. In today’s scenario, it is required for the teachers to be dynamic, engaging and positive. The teachers can hone their skills over a period and enhance their skills by more practice. Each moment that a teacher spends with their students they are learning themselves.

The teacher is the main source of energy in the class, the learning has to be student centric which means that the interaction with the teacher is stronger and much more than the teacher centric class. The teacher has to take the initiative to start an activity or interact with students by asking questions and giving ideas and suggesting solutions. The new class-room has to be buzzing with learning both ways. The students’ ability to think critically will only get enhanced when the teacher will allow them to learn independently. This method of learning gives a new dimension to student teacher rapport. The teacher is not someone standing in front of the class and teaching. She has to move about, reach out to each student to interact with him/her and give instructions and guide them and then supervise them through their activity or the task that they are doing. The close proximity of the teacher helps them to break barriers and makes the kids feel more comfortable in the class.

The student’s behaviour in class is influenced by several factors. The child’s own psychology and behaviour, his//her upbringing, social circumstances, culture that the child belongs to, family conditions, motivation level and even the ability of the teacher to manage the class. All these factors impact the class atmosphere. How the teacher can manage all these factors in her class is the ability that a teacher has to learn gradually.

The onus of students’ behaviour lies on the teacher’s ability to engage the kids with in the class. The class can be engaging if the teacher plans her/his lessons properly and in advance. More-over, s/he has enough hands-on activities. The regular course can be made interesting if the teacher researches the topic and adds on some practical application of the theory the kids are studying.

Student Teacher Rapport is the key to the success of the discipline in class. It helps generate a good atmosphere in the class. The students remain in discipline and follow the command of the teachers; if the teacher handles the children by understanding them individually and reading their minds. The teacher needs to know that each student is an individual and they have different learning abilities. Some might have good mathematical understanding whereas some might be good in linguistic abilities. Some are more social and some are shy. Some like physical moment and some are sedentary. The teacher also needs to understand the social and economic background of the child. The family conditions and life-style also effects the student’s ability to learn. The children with families having disturbed parental relation-ships have difficulties in learning. Access indiscipline at home also makes the child chaotic and unable to organize his/her study –skills.

Teachers have to observe and analyse the intricate issues relating to the child, this can only happen if the teacher has the ability to empathize with the child’s condition. Teachers have to go a step beyond subject teaching.

A lot of time teachers face very erratic behaviours and indiscipline in general, in the class. The teacher has to be patient and try to observe the behaviour of the child and try to find the reason for the particular behaviour of the child in the class. Why the child miss-behaves in the class? The teacher needs to take help from the school counsellor or the psychologist some-times. If the behaviour of the child is of particular kind then there might be a reason behind that behaviour. A lot of parents as well as the teachers hit the children and even believe that corporal punishment is the only method to control the child. It is saddening and dis-heartening that they do not have any idea about child –behaviour or human psychology. The teachers should totally abstain from such punishments. Not only corporal punishment is a crime but it severely damages the child’s ability to trust his/her elders. Controlling or disciplining can be done by several other measures. The kids need to be trained to take commands and follow routines; this always helps the teacher as well as the parents in making them disciplined from the young age. As observed in some kids if they have been beaten at a young age or closed up in a room or a bathroom they become scared, withdrawn and even adamant. The kids are all the time grasping, absorbing and understanding what the world around them is. The kids are evolving and growing each day of their life. The adults around them need to understand that they are each moment evolving. The teachers need to be patient with them and understand them.

In order to control and discipline the class the teacher needs to set the class-rules from the beginning of the year and stick to them. The teacher should reward the kid for good behaviour and punish for bad behaviour. The punishment should be such that the kids come to a realization that their behaviour is hampering learning in class and their class-mates also look at him/her in the bad light. The teacher should aim at making him/her realize his mistake rather than humiliating the child. The child who has behavioural issues should be regularly counselled and helped to come out of his behavioural issues rather than labelled as a badly behaved child.

The role of the teacher is not merely to be a subject expert but s/he should plan well, engage the kids, understand them and connect with the heart rather than just with the mind. The relationship of the kids with their own class-mates also helps the teacher to keep the class in order. The teacher has to strike a balance between controlling and not going over-board. This can be learnt by the teacher as they deal with the kids, day in and day out.

The schooling process can become a good memory for the child if the teachers make their journey easy and show empathy to the hardships of the process of learning. Thus some of these magic spells by a teacher can calm a noisy classroom.

Dr. Sherin Shervani

Director, Angel Global School, Aligarh-U.P