Set Up Your School for Success

Anupam Sharma

Principal, Shemford Futuristic School, Bulandshahr

Set up a successful school is really a fierce task because it has to manage withparents as well as students with their different ideologies . You have to be sure to maintain the balance between their traditions and expectations so that nothings get slip out of ypur hand anyway . As per the most desirable , you also have to know that if your students are not successful, parents will never be satisfied , and your school is not successful; researches have proved this. So, as a managementee or a school leader, you can not merely focus just on the administrative success, you will have to be up to adte on academic success too .

There are some ideas to set up your school for success.

1. A clear vision

You should have an ascence to maintain a balance between above two main parts ( administrative as well as academics ), because one thumping the other would mean failure for you.

Keeping all the desired infrastructure , able teachers , team of other staff members , and specially what you want to give your society , must be very clear when setting a vision .All we should have a vision of where our school should head, or where we want it to head or the reputation we want it to achieve. These are indeed our visions. With a good and well implemented vision, you can make a success out of your school. Note that you cannot work towards this vision on your own, so you must enlist the teachers and other staff members into the same vision board with you.

With a good and well implemented vision, you can make a success out of your school. Note that you alone can not put the school there a team work towards this vision is an indeed a deed , so you must enlist your staff members into the same vision board with their according excellence skill with you.This is not simplly a task to be completed , this is a dream to be implement with its result in front of public . So a strong team work will be needed . you should expect to those who can make your vision dream true.

2. Organize yourself

It happens many time to be disorganized when carrying a huge responsibility,due to unlimited burden of different tasks to be performed at the same moment. Especially if organization has never been as your strong forte. But you have to know that to be successful in school administration, you have to run a tidy roost. Professional school leaders need clear, organized systems for maintaining documents and commitments.

Schedule your teachers evaluation on a regular basis , train them , meet them individually or through a high meeting. spare time for your students , schedule meeting with parents .

Meet with other staff members and spare time for you too , even blocks of time to attend to email and phone calls. By organizing your time and providing set hours for certain tasks, you’ll be less likely to waste time and will be more present and effective during each of your commitments.

It is your responsibility to set the expectations on all of your dreamed aspects for your school just as your teachers set the stage for their classrooms. It is very important that you should run in the same direction whatever you planned seriously because if a school administration loses his or her positive grind, it would reflect on the teachers, and the students can always perceive this, and they take it for vulnerability.Students are directly related to parents . If students find you out of the way , parents will get it soon and result will suffer.

3. Get your priorities straight

This is like the same as you go upstairs one by one , without leaving or jumping steps . If you do like that you know well or will fell .When running a school, the school administrator should be able to prioritize activities that go on in the school. Yuo should prepare a list of prior things, tasks to be performed as per the series requirements. School management involves multiple chores that one may likely get carried away by minor issues, when there a weightier issues seeking attention.

To ensure that your school is run successfully, you have to create a list of goals that you plan to achieve during the school day, month or year, and take a detailed look at how you spend your time each day.Prepare some survey tools to be done on a regular interval for the betterment of the school . Allow yourself set times during the day to close your door and focus on what you need to get done to help your school succeed.

Always keep your doors open for the ideas, you are not the 100% anyway , some other can have better ideas and can help to achiev that goal you decided.

4. Ongoing Evaluation

Evaluation is always found a best equipment . Evaluation of students is done regularly but teachers , other staff , even coordinators should go through evaluation on a fixed interval.A successful school is the ongoing screening of student performance and development. Schools should use assessment data to compare their teachers as well as students with others from across the country. Effective use of assessment data allows schools to identify problematic areas of training and learning at the classroom or the school levels, so that teachers can generate solutions to the problems.

5. Goals and Direction

Alway keep your goals in front of you, set directions to to run up to there in a straight way.A successful school show the existence of goals and direction, Accordingly .The successful school actively constructs goals and then effectively communicates them to appropriate individuals ( students, teachers, and the society at large). your enlisted taem must also be open and willing to incorporate innovation into goals for school processes and practices. So it's important to invite input from all stakeholders in the process of developing school goals. Student performance has been shown to improve in schools where the entire school community works toward goals that are communicated and shared among all in the learning environment.

6. Stay updated

Keep yourself updated with all the new methodologies, tools and techniques that are being implemented newly in the education industry. Regularly train your staff and teachers to keep them in touch with updated technologies, padagogies, guidelines in the syllabus and the teaching methodologies . Arrange for all the modernized equipment and apprise your staff with its execution and functioning. Networking opportunities for you and your staff are endless, so keep making efforts to keep in touch with all the regular updates.

7. Encourage new ideas

As per a human being nobody is hundred percent perffect or the master in every field . So you should have a flair to listen others too . Everyone have a different view of sight to the scenario . One other tip that would help you run your school success , is to always embrace new and beneficial ideas. If you or one of your teachers discover something new, that must be dicussed with whole of your favorite team members immidiately , so they can feel involved themselves or can give more better suggessions on that .Get everyone involved in through the school activities by learning and exploring together. Do not make it a habit to discard ideas because they are not what you are used to. Endeavor to give each idea a chance to see if it would be a good fit for your school.

8. Embrace technology

Technology has impacted almost every aspect of life today, and education is no many ways, technology has profoundly changed education. For one, technology has greatly expanded access to education.Today, massive amounts of information (books, audio, images, videos) are available at one’s fingertips through the Internet, and opportunities for formal learning are available online worldwide through the Khan Academy, MOOCs, podcasts, traditional online degree programs, and more.Technology has also begun to change the roles of teachers and learners.However, because of the access to information and educational opportunity that technology has enabled, in many classrooms today we see the teacher’s role shifting to a teacher to a director .

The world has gone tech, and you should endavour to meet up. Avoiding this issue would lead you nowhere and it can even help in bringing your school down in ratings. Learn to apply technology in the necessary areas in the school and teach your teachers to get conversant with them.

9. Establish a Code of Conduct

The Institute is a community of cultured intellectuals. It is expected that, the freedom should be with sense of responsibility. Being aware of the rights should go together with consciousness towards duties and other's feelings as well . All pleasures are to be enjoyed with sense of morality with an ascence of ethics. All arguments should take place maintaining the dignity. Mahatma Gandhiji’s seven principles are strived to be followed, that is: Wealth with work, Pleasure with conscience, Knowledge with character, Commerce with morality, Science with humanity, Religion with sacrifice and Politics with principle.

At the starting of each session, students and teachers must be supplied with a revised institutional code. In it, you will find the district’s policies for student behavior and discipline too. Using this as a guide, prepare a behavioral code of conduct that can be discussed and posted in the classrooms .

Teachers could not be kept aside from the codes to be followed .This exercise will even benefit a classroom of younger students who have not yet learned to read if you ‘translate’ each rule into simple, easy to remember words, and recite them together with a set of examples . This will lead your school to the path of success .

10. Hire the right people

Teacher. Must work extraordinary hours for measly pay. Must shoulder great responsibility for student success. Must balance curricular requirements with individual student needs. Must follow orders lock-step but also initiate creative efforts.You have to know that it is the teachers that stay and interact with the kids more often and as such if you make the wrong choice while hiring, it can have a lot of negative effects on your students. And the damage may have already been done before you and other school administrators get to notice.

Must remain emotionally detached but psychologically connected at the same time. Must possess otherworldly sense of humor. Required characteristics: self-starter, reflective, sensitive, dedicated, data-savvy, street-smart. Acting and dancing experience preferred.

The better qualified your staff is, the more attractive they and your service is to prospective customers. So what should you look for in the way of characteristics and qualifications? Specific education, certifications, and experience levels will likely be dictated by you .

11. Put your students first

As professional educators we cannot just sit down and plan lessons. We need to think about the students. We need to consider how the students will learn the material the best. Great teachers will look at their students, their strengths and weaknesses and plan a lesson to ensure the students understand the concept. With that in mind, it is essential that teachers know their students. A teacher will not just be able to tell the students to read, they are going to struggle with it . A great teacher is still going to use the reading material, but how they teach the lesson is going to be different. They will create scaffolding in the lesson so the students can understand and master the material. This is putting the students first. We as professional educators need to go beyond the idea that a topic was covered, we are teachers, we need to "teach" lessons and materials to students. Teachers have a special ability, not everyone can do what we do. However, anyone can "deliver" a lesson, but it takes a special person to "teach" a lesson. We need to know students understand the lessons we are teaching, so we need to craft lessons that teaches students.

12. Trust and parental participation

Parents are the first educators of their children. The support they provide affects their child’s learning and development and linked to subsequent educational outcomes.Parental support includes direct effects on learning before and during formal education, as well as monitoring and facilitating factors that are indirectly linked, such as nutrition, behaviours, health, and hygiene. Several factors are important for understanding these types of parental support including: support needed pre- and post-birth for healthy infant development, support needed during children’s early years and prior to entering formal schooling, support needed during primary and secondary school years, school strategies for involving parents in their child’s education, and costs associated with parent education programmes.

Successful parent involvement can be defined as the active, ongoing participation of a parent or primary caregiver in the education of his or her child. Parents can demonstrate involvement at home-by reading with their children, helping with homework, and discussing school events-or at school, by attending functions or volunteering in classrooms. Schools with involved parents engage those parents, communicate with them regularly, and incorporate them into the learning process.

The only real limits on what you can do, have, or be are self-imposed. Once you make a clear, unequivocal decision to change your school by casting off all your mental limitations and throw your whole heart into the accomplishment of some great goal, your ultimate personal success is virtually guaranteed, as long as you don’t stop.

Anupam Sharma

Principal, Shemford Futuristic School, Bulandshahr