Importance of Co-curricular Activities in School

Devvyaa Naagarh

Principal, Arihant International Academy, I.C.S.E., Chhindwara

‘Curriculum’ refers to the course of study which is followed in a particular school or by any board such as State Board, CBSE, ICSE or IB. Curriculum has its two extended branches for imparting quality education, which are co-curricular activities and extra-curricular activities.

These two terms, Co-curricular and Extra-curricular are quite similar in nature.

Activities beyond the limits of the curriculum are referred to as ‘Co-curricular activities’. These activities are the ones which complement the learning experiences of students in the Schools. These activities are connected with academics and are designed to help the students to comprehend the prescribed curriculum in better and easy way.

Co-Curricular Activities includes Quiz, Elocution, Declamation, Poetry Recitation, Plays or Skits, Spell-Debate, Symposium, Morning assemblies etc.

‘Extra-curricular Activities’ refer to those activities which are normally not related to the educational curriculum. However, they are very much essential for overall development of the Students.

Extra-curricular activities are: Sports, Swimming, Gym, Athletics etc.

Importance of co-curricular activities:

Academic education specially focuses on three Majorgenres of education:

  • Reasoning
  • Psychomotor and
  • Emotional Learning.

The objective of education is to foster all-round development, which cannot be catered only through books and within the four walls of classrooms. It cannot be typically, pen-paper type. All-round development means Intellectual, Physical, Moral, Sensible and Social development.

Hence co-curricular activities play a major role in ‘Holistic Development’ of the students.

Through these activities, practical knowledge and skills can be inculcated in the students, which further strengthen the theoretical knowledge. When a relevant Co-curricular activity, correlated to the subject content is organized, students become more receptive. This result in longevity of knowledge gained and is augmented to a greater extent. Consequently, the performance level shows a rising graph of achievements. Thus Co-curricular activities go hand-in-hand for all-round development of students.

These activities should be executed effectively so that they can give the right exposure to the student’s mind and the resultant experiences of these activities can be used to solve real life problems in real outside world.

Wide range of such experiences gained can prepare students to develop confident and multifaceted personalities, through a balanced exposure to academic and co-curricular activities.

Benefits Of co-curricular Activities:

1. It leads to theOverall personality development with following traits:

  • Students can deal with any difficult situation and circumstances in any walk of the life.
  • Become more responsible and committed as they are given specific task to handle.
  • Students become enthusiastic and energetic toward teaching learning process.

2. Co-curricular activities can help to boost up students’ confidence level and self-esteem.

3. Participating in these activities help to develop sportsman sprit, team spirit and competitive spirit.

4. Help in honing inner talents and specialized skills,which can be beneficial for the society at large and can also be used to earn livelihood in future.

5. Enhances vocal and written expression with the help of Declamation, Debate or creative writing.

6. Students develop managerial skills like; leadership, time management, disciple, judicial use of resources, politeness, presentation and patience.

7. Proven better academic result:

  • Students become academically sound when they are involved in the co-curricular activities which are the extension of relevant subject content.
  • Concepts are easy to grasp with better understanding.
  • This can help to achieve better grades and marks.

8. Students develop good listening and decision making skills and learn to respect views of others.

9. Students become innovative, creative and sensitive.

10. Channelizing energies of the hyper active students in positive direction.

11. It gives relief and relaxation from the stressful teaching learning processes.

Moral Values:

The students, through co-curricular activities, learn essential ethical values about different culture, religion, events of national and international importance as well as discipline and school life ethics.

Students become compassionate, learn patience, empathy, motivational skills, compatibility and contentment.

Role of Teacher:

Aptly said: ‘Teach me, and I will forget. Show me and I might remember. Involve me and I will never forget’.

  • Teacher should be agood activity planner so that it can be conducted systematically.
  • Teacher should have innovative and easy ideas for co-curricular activities so that learning outcome should be achieved efficiently.
  • Teacher should have good organizing skills for the better utilization of time.
  • Teacher should act as a facilitator so that students can ably conduct activities themselves, with confidence.


Best aspect of co-curriculum activities is that they area part of academic and make teaching- learning experiences exciting for both students as well as teachers. Students can learn better through activities like quizzes, debate, recitation and academic games.

Thus, co-curriculum activities, along with academics, are essential for Holistic development of every student.

Devvyaa Naagarh

Principal, Arihant International Academy, I.C.S.E., Chhindwara