Cultivating a Positive School Culture

Sanjay Tiwari

Asstt. Vice President (Head-School Education), L.K. Singhania Public School, Nimbahera, Rajasthan

We have seen and worked in schools with different physical and intellectual infrastructure, ranging from vernacular core teaching ambience to application based differentiated classrooms with experiential learning. A free and fearless, self-motivated, child-centred and facilitating learning in true sense ----wow…that’s an ideal place to work. But does this happen…really ?

I have heard that in some schools robots are conducting classes now. Fantastic…robots producing robots. May be they will do a better job than those humans who are thrown into teaching by accident or they had no other choice. Luckily, these robots have been programmed to teach. But there are teachers who were never programmed to become a teacher but teaching –learning has infected them as a virus and they are suffering from a wildly (not widely) spreading disease called education, with a mutant 4.0.

Schooling is ONLY for school and not for career. This should be the mission and vision of each school who want to cultivate a positive culture.

I swear…can we just let students play, learn, sing, draw, paint, make mistakes, have friends, explore the concepts, know the cultures and discover world, accept each other (not tolerate) and have differences ?

Instead, we ask them to prepare for NEET/JEE-IIT and so on right from class 6 onwards. I really wonder what a class 6 child be doing to crack IIT ? There are schools (?) claiming to produce IITians , CAs, Entrepreneurs and Doctors in enormous proportions.

I want to ask one question – what is the whole purpose of this objective if a highly successful entrepreneur and businessman cannot take the pressure and ends his life, what is the meaning of this whole drama called education if lively creatures end their lives in a city filled with aspirants to become so called successful professionals due to pressure and frustration?

If we wish to cultivate positive culture, we need to shift our focus from “education to learning”. We need to create Arjun but at the same time, we must ensure that any Eklavya is not left behind. Education is not certification. It is exploring interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary concepts and skills.

Let’s take our example. How much can we grow if we remain under constant pressure? Can we be happy and positive if there is a fear of failure all the time? Teaching and learning is just exam oriented. All those who score 99 and 100 percent marks, are they all successful?

We are programming a child, right from the beginning, to be successful and be a winner everywhere, always. As an adult, are we successful all the time? The best of the best brains, scientists, noble price winners, sportsmen have also tasted defeat, and many times. Some don’t get up again, but some take failure as a step towards success and not an end of their journey in pursuit of excellence.

Everyone teaches, rather coaches how to win? Let’s train them how to win but also how to accept failure so that someone does not fail the humanity. Will there be a possibility for a school where only failure can get admission? That will be the real positive culture and real education. Can we produce Human, please ?

Let’s teach positivity and not preach in the name of education.

Have a positive stay at Planet Education….

Gold Medalist/All India Topper-Post Graduate Diploma in School Leadership and Management Presently- Asstt. Vice President (Head-School Education), J K Cement Ltd. (and with an experience of being an IB Examiner/Moderator, Principal IB-CBSE Schools, IB-MYP-DP Coordinator, Member-CBSE Inspection Team, Master Trainer & Resource Person-CBSE, Member-CIS Accreditation Team).

Sanjay Tiwari

Asstt. Vice President (Head-School Education), L.K. Singhania Public School, Nimbahera, Rajasthan