Education in the time of COVID – 19

Sandhya Bhagat

Astral Merry School

The education system in today's world was already struggling to match the pace of students when Covid – 19 hit the world with its adverse effect on the economy, personal life, and education system.

With a blink of an eye, schools closed overnight amid board exams, and as we all know new sessions begin in the month of April so it was a great challenge for educators to begin with the new session.

The UNESCO report estimates that the coronavirus pandemic will adversely impact over 290 million students across 22 countries. UNESCO estimates that about 32 crores students are affected in India, including those in schools and colleges.

And teachers were looking at the number with great concern for the students' academic year.

Adding to another report of UNESCO- An estimated 2.7 million teachers in India who have been impacted by the coronavirus lockdown are untrained to deal with the altered situation. It was equally stressing for teachers.

It was not easy at all as most of the teachers were not tech-friendly and had no access to proper resources as well.

Nevertheless, Covid-19 has prompted experts to rethink the conventional mode of education. Digital education appears to be a viable solution to fill in the void for classroom education for a period of three to four months while minimizing the chances of any infection to students until classes resume.

“It was like learning before teaching”- for us all.

After deciding the right online teaching platform, the next challenge was to manage the students online, most importantly managing discipline.

At the time we heard the news of students misbehaving with teachers during online classes. Challenges not only ended with that, but teachers had to spend money also to arrange all the necessary things like good optimum connection speed, laptops/computers/smart mobiles/tablets, etc. in spite of deductions made in their salaries.

The contribution of teachers during pandemic COVID – 19 can never be forgotten. Teachers came out of their way to teach their children during this tough phase of life.

In the coming days as we are heading towards unlocking the nation in different phases, we will be witnessing the reopening of schools very soon.

But it will be interesting to see if parents are still ready to send their kids to school or they are still comfortable with online teaching.

One more sudden knee-jerk decision to open schools without doing the necessary groundwork would be disastrous.

On our premises at Astral Merry School, we have arranged a proper sanitization system to ensure the safety of children so that parents stay at comfort while sending their kids to school.

Sandhya Bhagat

Astral Merry School