Education is a powerful tool to unlock the golden door of freedom that can change the world.

Christian missionaries broke through the barriers of elitism in the area of learning and education since ancient times.

Fr. Kuriakose Elias Chavara decided that the religious congregation should now concentrate on educational work. So in 1846, Fr. Chavara established a Sanskrit school in Mannanam and admitted the Catholics and was opened to all caste and creed irrespective. When he was the Vicar General, he issued a mandate calling upon all parish churches under his jurisdiction to raise schools attached to each of them for the underprivileged students. He arranged mid-day meals that even the government schools were not providing time. The high literacy rate of present Kerala can largely be owed to the farsighted policy of Saint Chavara.

The mission that Fr. Chavara started is continued by the convent schools today. These schools are committed to offering quality education to the broad masses irrespective of caste or religion. If you were to ask parents who decided to send their children to a convent school, you are likely to hear them say' for our child to gain a high standard of education and discipline from an early stage of life.' The two essential work high standard' and discipline distinguish it from after schools. When convent schools were set up in remote villages, the local people supported if their children would get an opportunity to study in these schools.

When we talk about the most significant contribution of convent schools today, they made it available and affordable to society's lowest strata. There may not be any city, big or small, without a convent school in India today. It doesn't mean that they didn't face any challenges to open schools everywhere. Willingness to take challenges that made the convent schools different from often. Apart from giving quality education, convent schools try to teach their students' life values necessary to face the world's challenges today.

A good number of political leaders and other influential personalities of our country are these convent schools' products. They accept and admit that the training they received in their school days helped them reach their present position and made them acceptable to the people.

Convent schools focus mainly on character formation. Thus, the students may quickly get through competitive exams and are capable and confident to face life's challenges.

Sr. Mercy John

St. Thomas Sr. Sec. School
Mandsaur (M.P.)