Our Students of today, the Richest Resource of Our Nation, can transform our People's Lives in the year 2040.

Our nation truly is one of the best countries in the world. We have more than a billion beautiful people, the richest resource in this universe, living together in harmony, appreciating unity in diversity, enjoying liberty, experiencing equality, promoting fraternity as one nation with one dream. Our country, India, has the richest resource in this universe. What is that hidden treasure, the rich resource? What is our strength as a country today? In the age category of 25yrs and below, the students of our country, the country's youth, approximately the 30 to 40 % population of our country today, which can definitely develop India as the knowledge superpower by 2040.

Education is the only thing that can empower and enlighten every student of our nation. It is the most potent weapon that can transform our country in the coming 20 years. We desire educated, enlightened, experienced, and energetic persons to govern our country from 2040. Our country needs leadership skills of the youth, from the age of 25, to make India a great nation in the world. Students must develop decision making and excellent communication skills for collaboration and participation in our country's governance.

Our new generation of students is all excellent smart students of the 21st century, with smartphones in their hands now, hoping to live in smart cities in an era of Artificial Intelligence. Education must be experiential, engaging them to develop thinking skills, facilitate learning creatively, and ask critical questions to solve numerous social and economic problems of our country. Our students must control and command artificial intelligence to respect human intelligence in 2040. They must be masters of artificial intelligence, technological advancements, use them appropriately, and not misuse social media.

It is essential to value virtues such as honesty, justice, and generosity as citizens of this great country. We must teach them to respect everyone around us, irrespective of who, what, and from where they are. Students must make their homes a pleasant, joyful place to live, especially during this extraordinary crisis created by the pandemic covid19; they can be encouraged to declare their families as positive energy zones. Lots of positivity enhances immunity during these difficult days. Education must enable our students to grow and develop as healthy and happy Indians. Education must make our Motherland a clean, green, and safe land to live.

Brother. Shine. Alex.

Montfort School, Nagpur