Stress-Free Examinations

Exams are around the corner and parents are often noticed showing a high level of stress than their children. Eventually, the same is passed on to the child who is already nervous and has a tough time studying for the board exams. So, the support and encouragement from parents become the need of the hour to keep his/her mental pressure at bay.

Parents can follow the below-mentioned strategies to keep their children stress-free during exams:

  • Avoid comparison and putting pressure : Education no longer now revolves around academic disciplines as the area of focus, rather it now depends on the holistic development of the child and developing skills like love for learning.

    Children are already under stress so parents can relieve their stress by having realistic expectations from their child which will encourage them to achieve their goals. Parents must recognize the unique potential of their child rather than comparing with others. Thus do not compare children with others and bring their morale down.

    Parents can rather help children to develop an inquisitive mind and learn to be creative which lays the foundation for their entrepreneurial mindset.

  • Encourage regular breaks

    The attention span of teenagers is not more than 30 - 40 minutes at a stretch, so the child should be encouraged to take frequent breaks to calm down and freshen up their mind. Healthy food intake, some music time, a short nap, or even some T.V time during this break will help him/her get back to studying, all fresh.

  • Be a support system

    A parent can be a great supporter if they do not pasture their aspirations vicariously on their child. Rather they can make an effort to create a conducive environment that will help their child gain peace of mind.

    A night of good sleep gives our brain the required energy to function while studying. So parents should ensure that their child sleeps at least 7-8 hours at a stretch.

  • Creating a study schedule

    This does not mean that parents should create a study schedule for their children, but they can surely help their children to create a schedule of their own.

Parents can watch out for signs of pressure and stress in their child, which may include sleepless nights, changes in appetite and behavior.

If a child is noticed crying or breaking down or heard saying things like, ‘I don’t want to appear for exams’, 'I feel like running away from everything,' make sure that they are assured that their parents are always by their side. Parents should be a strong supporting pillar for their child during such times as he/she may be vulnerable to stress.

Remember that there is no report card ever made that can measure their child’s intelligence. Every child is unique, all a parent has to do is to recognize and help him/her explore his uniqueness because the number of possible careers is unlimited. Hence, the limitations of our minds as a parent must not become the limitations for their child in achieving great heights.

Mrs. Rooma Pathak

M.M. Public School, Vasudha Enclave, Pitampura