A School With a Difference

Dr. Seema Negi

Principal, Sanjeevani World School, Mumbai

A School with a Difference

In an age where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is trending, students were not monitored by invigilators but on CCTV cameras. The ‘No Invigilator Examination’ initiative is our endeavour to foster and imbibe in our learners the value of ‘integrity’ and ‘honesty’.

  • “No Bag Day” - This one day gives students a respite from carrying books to school. It breaks the monotony of the same rigmarole in the school. Teachers get a chance too to tap their creative side by implementing activities in class pertaining to their own subjects and make learning fun, both for students as well as teachers.
  • Achiever’s Day We incorporate Achiever’s Day to undo with the mundane way of handing over report cards at the end of the academic year. We believe that every child is an achiever because he / she is moving on to the next level. The very term ‘Achiever’ gets our learners motivated and it boosts their morale and self-confidence to aspire for more.
  • Library Leisure is an innovation that was brought about and incorporated by our Language teachers. English, Hindi and Marathi teachers take up library sessions where students don’t just read that happens usually in most schools, but they enact a book, have activities pertaining to the book and various games too are conducted. We also have a few bean bags in the library and a child has to earn the leisure of sitting on it. He / she earns it by giving a gist or summary about the book that respective child has issued.

PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Alliance)

The PTSA is an initiative of our school with the maxim “My voice counts”. Our students are an integral part of our school. So, our belief is “For the students, by the students, of the students”, hence with the PTSA being formed it’s not just parents and teachers who come together for planning and decision making in a healthy way for the development of the school but the students of the senior most grade too share their perspective. Since our goal is to craft Indian souls with global ethos, we ‘Efficacy’ is a special class that is incorporated in the Timetable once a week where students bond with the students. It is beneficial in building rapport with the students.


The name itself suggests that this session is taken by the principal Dr. Seema Negi herself. A ‘session with the principal’ automatically sets in fear and has its own inhibitions but this one is special. Learners look forward to this one session called ‘PRINCIPAL KI PADHSHALA’. It’s that one session when learning is beyond academics. This is the time where there’s a special connect and bond, a wonderful rapport created by the Principal to change the mindset that a session with the Principal too can be fun and enjoyable. This is the time there’s discussion and a talk with the principal related to any topic under the sun. Dr. Seema believes ‘in an era where a child longs to be heard and has no one to talk to, this is a small initiative by her to let children know that she is always available and is all ears to whatever a child wants to speak or convey’.

Exhibition - Gyan Manthan

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family quoted by Kofi Annan, and in Sanjeevani World School this quote comes to life. Our maxim comes to life with a two-day exhibition held in our school which we fondly call ‘Gyan Manthan’. The name itself suggests that there’s knowledge churned to get the best result. The entire school comes together for this exhibit. Students and teachers along with non-teaching staff get together to ensure the exhibition is a huge success. The exhibition particularly revolves around a theme ‘and each child then displays all that he / she has learned to the audiences. Learners learn in the most unique and innovative way, and by this we prove that learning through our ‘Gyan Manthan’ is not restrained within the four walls of the classroom and no more is it supposed to be in the most clichéd chalk and talk method.

“Dil se DilTak” - Parent Connect Initiative

Direct Dil se dil tak – Is a parent-connect initiative for the holistic development of our learners. Our Educators spend quality time connecting with parents after school hours to lend their ears and listen to the concern’s parents have pertaining to each child and how the school along with parents can be a catalyst to enhance positive growth in our learners.


Since we go by the maxim ‘Do things differently’ our celebrations are different too. Rakshabandhan is about love and bond between brothers and sisters.

  • - Vrukshobandhan We went a step ahead to tie rakhis to the trees to metaphorically pass on the message to the society around us that we are there to protect them always.
  • - Deshobandhan This Rakshabandhan is for our country for all the armed forces, reserved forces & police forces. We are safe & secure, because they are vigilantly protecting us. Today, we visited Dahisar Police Station, Mumbai, to tie the sacred thread of our love, appreciation & gratitude to the police personnel’s. Our grade IV students were overwhelmed by the response & the kind gesture at the police station. We prayed for more power, health, happiness and a good life for the police & their family members.

Teachers’ Day

Parents are the first teachers, to take this forward, Sanjeevani World School carved a niche once again by sending across this message to all teachers that we are teachers because of our students & parents are the first teachers. The school stands convicted with this belief ‘When we work together it will be symphony. It will build strong emotional & social connect, a child will have secure space, positive eco system.’ In an endeavour to express and gratitude to all the parents for their never-tiring spirit and selfless love, the school paid visits to some of the homes of students to venerate the teacher in every parent.

Appreciation Day

We believe ‘Recognition is a reward in itself. Any form of appreciation, even a small word, is important.’ In lieu of the mundane Teachers Day celebration, we initiated the Appreciation Day when every staff: teaching and non-teaching are praised for their sheer dedication and commitment.

Digital Literacy

With technology taking over the world, we have Cyber Ambassadors in our school. These are the children who are computer wizards. Our ambassadors ensure that everything related to computers will be secured, information wouldn’t be hacked and every data will be protected.

Global Citizenship

Our Gen Z are tech savvy and are no less than any IT expert, however, we also enhance them to be citizens of the globe. Out of the seventeen goals of Sustainable Development Goals we have each grade working on goal hand in hand with our educators to equip them and to make them globally ready.

Empowering School Leaders

Great leaders harness personal courage, capture the hearts and minds of others and empower new leaders to make the world a better place. – Maxine Driscoll, Founder Think Strategic. We ensure our educators learning and grow because leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. Our educators attend various workshops, seminars, related to their subjects and also workshops on Life Skills, 21st century skills, not only to get equipped and empowered but also to handle nuances faced by many educational schools.

All in all, with great delight, we can say without a doubt or inhibition that the vision we had in mind before the inception of the school and shortly we will be stepping out of the gestation stage, we have well managed to keep our promises. Our pursuit to ‘do things differently’ at Sanjeevani World School is a quest that will continually be explored until we break the cliché that education is coequal to boring.

Dr. Seema Negi

Principal, Sanjeevani World School, Mumbai