We are the world

Sadhna Jha

Principal, Rosy Public School, Jalalabad, U.P

One can understand when I say WE are the World. The World with many tiny vestiges of filling the gap of being known to all. Sitting in my office sometimes I visualize the children moving up and down, playing with full air in them in the playground. A smile automatically appears eventhough I am stressed.

This is life ,freedom in full swing. So why…………….. in classroom they are bound together.

Their world is their own development where no one is about to scold them. Just watch them ---each of them are so friendly to each other.There is no understanding of caste, creed, or any discrimination. The little hands move in a ‘hi-fi’ as if the world has been already conquered. There is no strategy to be built by them as to move with caution.

A flashback of my childhood reminded me that I too had enjoyed every bit of my precious hours.

Weather it was play time or relaxing time in the afternoon. Yes parents were conscious that we were silent in the lazy summer afternoons. So our game was also confide to the surrounding walls.

Evenings we spilled out as pods jumping out from their shelves.

But these children are so different when in class. The gleaming faces under the sunshine have lost their sparkle. The innocence comes up as not knowing /understanding what the elder is about to say. The teachers are fast to complete the learning but alas! The undeveloped mind only starts to jump on the details , explanation given by the teachers.

The free minds have been captured and bottled in a big classroom sort.

If the teaching is not organized then it goes sixer in the child’s mind.

Education must be simple ,later integrated in a whole product. Lets not forget Rabindranath Tagores poem---Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high , Where knowledge is free Where the world has not been broken into fragments……………………………………….

We must try to seek why the mind does not work?

As the freedom is not in the class so understanding also becomes less.

I think every step is edu care……..We care to do something.

Small bubbles disappear in the universe .The brain has to be understood with love and affection. It is very necessary that we have to keep in mind the complexities of human relationship..An ocean of knowledge to be compressed in the brain of a child is what every educated being wants.

But what the child wants?

The child’s mind is a mind full of curiousness .We have to just make them aware of everything properly.

Lets see it in this way ---- Education is a beauty to understand the innermost feelings of a child. The nuptical chord is wounded with the teacher so that the problems are sorted out.

The teacher must plan his thirty-five minutes in such a way that the child’s mind manages all activities in the class.

Teaching with interaction with children makes parting of knowledge valuable, imagery and interesting. We must make every child be able to understand what they are gaining.

It is very necessary for the teacher to be proactive as it will help the child to grow. We are the facilitators and we have to guide them through the darkness.

A teacher, when with his love and respect gives to the student, will always have developed a healthy society.

As Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam said “ The role of the teacher is like the Proverbial ladder, it is used by everyone to climb up in life., but the ladder itself stays in its place”

Education is a never ending industry. The products given by the maker have the real learning and vision.

Sometimes the teacher feels as if they can’t breathe because of curricular / administrative pressure ,they lose the fire and passion that pushed them into education. So it is necessary to put on creative hats. These concepts are very necessary.

“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great leader.”

Todays education has a unique and aptness within the multiracial, multi-lingual and multi-cultural situations. The development of future minds lead the nation tomorrow.

So here educators have to play a very important role to make the child active in all his actions.

An Educator must hear the cries of a child:

Advice me ,but don’t accuse me

Bless me but do not beat me,

Correct me but do not criticize me

A teacher with creative hats on must be patience, benovelent,integrity with the children.

The world of children expect a proper fuelling of knowledge in their minds by their onlookers.

I have always believed that you can only mesmerize students with good factual examples and the get easily impress if it touches reality. A student yearns to learn something interesting from you and it is how we pour it to him. If you are successful in giving what you have, then pat yourself after leaving the class. You are a winner of the young hearts sitting in the class.

An effective teacher will always learn a new method everyday and bring out a new a strategy. It is learning by doing.

A child who had perhaps lost the gaiety of life , will start enjoying the three R’s of education as He knows that now someone knows him.

So my dear providers of instant knowledge start thinking out of the box and have a successful dive in the deep ocean to pick out real pearls for our dear children.

Sadhna Jha

Principal, Rosy Public School, Jalalabad, U.P