We Need More Green Schools!

Dilip Kumar

Principal , C.M.C.L Vidya Bharati School, Lumshong, Meghalaya

The world that our children will inherit is changing at a faster rate than at any other time in history. For our children to prosper and humankind to flourish, we need a new kind of education, one that fosters the 21st-century skills.

As a green school, “giving back” shall be the sole driving purpose of the school; giving back not only to the environment but to the society as well. The school will produce compassionate students, and unless we do not have such alumni, the rising environmental concerns will be ignored.  As a green school, we would be focusing on teaching sustainability in a common habitat through our motivation-driven educational program.

We need to realize that the world can be made a better place for the coming generations by working together as a community. We will need to create an active community of not only teachers, students, and parents but also of the residents, who would inspire each other to live a purposeful life for a brighter future.  Day-by-day, our community would learn and appreciate to develop a strong bond with nature. By making it part of who we are, one would feel inclined to nourish it, compelled to respect it and empowered to care for it now and forever.

We need to build Green Schools to make another worldview for learning. We need youngsters to develop physical sensibilities that will empower them to adjust and be skilled on the planet.  We need youngsters to create spiritual and enthusiastic instinct, furthermore, to urge them to be in amazement of life's potential outcomes. Carrying on with a sustainable way of life is a procedure of learning by doing and recollecting what we once knew and have ignored over numerous ages.

Numerous things need to change to lead a real existence that is progressively incorporated with the characteristic frameworks that encompass us. The most significant change that can prompt carrying on with a legitimately feasible life is an adjustment in our mentality and propensity designs. As a Green School, we would like to learn, work, live, and play with attention to the effect of our reasoning and choices.

Our voyage is involved a huge number of little subtleties; the point by point choices and exercises that cosmetics our days, weeks, months and years. Through a framework thinking way to deal with creating understanding, we understand that it is our propensities for an idea that regularly lead to activities that have unintended and unfortunate results.

As we live our lives and partake in arranging the supporting foundation of our grounds and nearby network, we endeavour to be careful frameworks scholars. This way of thinking and dealing with living our adventure is the managing Compass that keeps us making a beeline for our goal of genuine sustainability. Aspects of Solar powered systems, rainwater harvesting, waste management, plastic-free campus, recycling water, green roof and minimum use of air conditioners shall be an integral part of the campus. Teachers, students shall be encouraged to pool vehicles to reduce carbon footprint.

We need to promote the idea of green school, and therefore a dedicated study of the environment would be required of which the primary goal shall be  to nurture respect for the natural world along with this it will also promote the following aspects:

  • Develop student’s natural awareness;
  • Develop profound ecological knowledge;
  • Foster an adoration for finding out about themselves, one another, and the more extensive world in manners that are aware.

Overall, this has to be our vision of building a green school, while teaching engaged children rooted in their communities, and this has to be converted to reality. And this is a challenge that all schools should now take up.

Dilip Kumar

Principal , C.M.C.L Vidya Bharati School, Lumshong, Meghalaya