What are the issues of concern in students in IX-XII levels?

Dr. Narayan Purohit 

Academic Coordinator, Delhi Public School, Gandhidham, Gujarat


The students in high and higher secondary fall under adolescent age group. Adolescence, the transition between childhood and adult life, is one of the most dynamic stages of human development. This stage in life is characterized by dramatic physical, cognitive, social, and emotional changes that present both opportunities and challenges for adolescents and their care givers such as parents and teachers. So one set of concern for students in classes IX-XII is universal and common to all the adolescents. The other set of concerns emanates from contextual factors which would be specific to a location and socio-cultural-educational factors. Some of these concerns based on literature and my experiences of working with adolescents.


    Examinations are necessary to evaluate and know where one stands, and not to compete or judge oneself through marks, because marks don’t count, knowledge does. One should know that that preparation is being done to learn, not to score. Because mugging up may lead to achievement of good marks but then the knowledge is not gained. It all becomes temporary achievement, that has no benefits. The ultimate target should be to gain more understanding and apply it in daily life.


    When one thinks about career, two thoughts always keep on battling in the mind, whether to choose a career that gives fame and money or to chose a career which is of one’s obsession and gives joy with satisfaction? Often students get very confused between these two thoughts, as choosing their passion may not earn them a luxurious life ,that pleases them. Well, in this case I believe that money comes from talent and focus, if one chooses to become a doctor even when their interest does not lie in it, I’m sure they won’t specialize, but on the contrary, if someone is fascinated in being a painter and has enormous talent, may earn more than the doctor, as the aptitude they have is exclusive and is full of enthusiasm. Moral here is, running after money should not be the objective instead, choosing their happiness will promise a blissful and rich person in all perspectives.


    Parents are those mentors who teach us 24x7x365, in all fields, and are obviously concerned about their kid’s progress; as it is a world full of competition where we live in, and survival is very essential. Many times children believe that their parents are too worried and expecting too much, which builds up stress and nervousness for them. Here, it is the parent’s role to understand their need to be guided well and not pressurized, because one wrong step may change someone’s entire life. Yes, of course, marks are very important to win the race, but parents should keep in mind that students undergo a very hard schedule; which is tiring, so they need to guide them well only when their minds are fresh and relaxed. Also, children should build up faith with their parents and teachers that no matter how much they watch TV or play on the ground, at the end when it is time to focus on studies, no distractions will take place. Once the parents are confident that they do not need to tell their kids to study again and again, both student and parent will be positive and less worried about the future as this is about team work, where cooperation from both the sides is very necessary to accomplish all the goals


    These days it is very important for one to chose his/her company wisely, This is the age where popularity, recognition in the school and excellence are wanted by every individual. Students in the stage of adolescence may want to have a huge friend circle and have a lot of fun during school years, but this cannot be achieved on the stake of studies. Many must have heard teachers saying to some parents “she is a bright child, but is not focused enough”. The reason being student’s peer pressure generally , students don’t like to be around the toppers of the class, believing that they’re extra studious and nerds, and way too busy in their books to focus on the fun part ,but according to me, they should always be around such students superior to them where they can always learn something or the other. Keeping healthy relations with all the classmates is very important- to learn , guide as knowledge increases when shared . Whoever they chose to be with, they have to make sure they don’t ever achieve the power to either change or mould the children’s goals. Because each student is unique and has its own potential, and goals can be achieved only if one is determined and focused . So having those friends who motivate and cheer in all stages of life is very important, because a life of a student is full of mixed emotions, and channelizing those emotions is must.


    One will always want to make effective decisions to reach their goals. Consider the options, be aware that can external surroundings can be changed and all one needs is a proper mindset along with their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, to help them get what they want in life. Evaluation of the various paths available is very necessary, and then comes assess the probability that each path will get them to their goals. Then making a plan for how to proceed, and taking the path that seems best suited to go where you want. Every decision needs a lot of patience and a free mind that can welcome all kind of situations so that ahead in life none regrets about the decisions taken in the past. Students need to stay calm and positive for all the decisions that they think of taking in their life.


    When the age of adolescence and pressure of studies merge, it is natural that the students may get frustrated and may meet a series of mixed emotions. In such times, it has to be taken care that small stress boosters hang about in their life. Students should always indulge into small activities to keep their mind diverted and calm. Everyone has their own way to react to situations, some students take it easy ,while others feel depressed .So it’s upon every individual how they handle the circumstances, but always positivity should remain in the reactions.


    When kids grow to be teenagers, it is very normal that they may want to gain a lot of attention. Everything in their life is new as it’s their first step towards facing the real world. So every little thing fascinates them and without thinking a lot, they take hasty steps in hustle which may result in negative result. Social media is something which if used properly , will benefit but one mistake may be a disastrous .Pupils should be careful while talking to virtual people; revealing information may harm them. Also, pictures should be sent only to trustworthy. Students assume that using social media will make them look ‘cool’, but the high degree of risk is its compensation.


    Managing communications effectively is leadership . Taking time to review your communications strategy and ideas will be time well spent. Body language is also incredibly important. It is very much like a transmitter that is constantly pumping out signals. Awareness of these signals and its impact on the people around you. Activities to improve a child’s communication proficiency; for language acquisition and introduces them to a range of vocabulary, helping them to communicate with ease and clarity. As, reading provides an excellent opportunity for discussion, where a child can comfortably and confidently articulate sharing their ideas, impresses and the image of a confident and positive personality in fields of life emerges.

  • Ability to manage stress

    School can be very stressful .some stress may push you to meet your goals by working hard but sometimes too much stress prevents you from meeting your goals. Stress helps to work but then excessive stress may not be advisable. In order to prevent stress you can exercise, listen to music read good books to divert your mind and freshen you up ,while in stress, students get nervous and get frustrated. But if time is managed predicatively, the problem will be solved.


    A number of issues can affect one’s ability to study successfully with friends and family. The bonds that a student shares with other students is personal mostly, it may be childhood story, past conflicts, etc which may affect your studies. This can make it difficult to manage studies and preserve good friends. Having a good friend affects a child’s school performance, too. Children tend to have better attitudes about school and learning when they have their good friends there. Teachers notice the subtle impact of friendships —. Grades matter, projects and assignments are always done and achievement is a common thread. hang out. In this group, doing well in school can even be ridiculed. So at the beginning of every school year, when I give my “welcome to real world: middle school” talk to my sixth graders, I make it a point to emphasize to them that the friends they chose this year may determine the academic path they take in the years to come. So choose wisely...”


    There are two points of view as a leader and a follower, if I were to be dealing with Civic and Social Issues in society ONE would try to be representative of the collaborative issues and problems that their society or people who might believe in me have. As we know the power of social media and various media tools that we've now, We should try to bring out the issues and put it forward to the authorities that can make the change or the difference and being a follower that one would also be if they're a leader, should try to be with the one who makes decisions and the opinions of the society that they belong in, and should contribute equally and also try to raise the voice if something is unacceptable and should not be there as a unit. The unity plays an important role, individual who makes decisions have to follow the decision of the majority Abilities to contribute towards the Civic and Social Issues includes two vital roles one as a leader and other as a follower or a supporter, being a leader, the best practice would be understanding the current issues and problems that their society is going through. Civic issues can be solved by individual and collective that is designed to identify and address issues of public concern that is also known as civic engagement. Practice and raise the voice against the cons of the decision and as a follower one should contribute equally and be with the feasible decision for everyone.


    The role of a student in a Democracy is to use fullest of the democracy but when a student has the right they also have the duties - as someone has rightly quoted “with great power comes the great responsibilities”, so only if one fulfils its duties he or she will be able to use the rights but being a responsible citizen It's their duty not to misuse the power of their democratic rights and any other things that our country has blessed them with .Citizen’s role is equally important and effective in the development of the community. Using it sensibly results in the progress of the country. As the democracy is the biggest power of any nation which makes a huge difference to every individual ‘s growth.


Concerns like Career, Emotions, Parental and Peer Pressure are complex but need attention. My personal experience working with two DPS schools is very different from one another as one is in Gujarat and other in Telanagana.). Gandhidham being a business town the students of Classes IX to XII focused on business, commerce and financial sector, they had less parental pressure where as in my present school, DPS Warangal a town with agricultural background and less industries, parents coming from service sector put a huge amount of pressure on their children’s education and career in the fields of Science and Mathematics. This diversity clearly mentions that the adolescence is the stage of stress and tension, and to certain extent depends upon the environment given to them.

The in views of Sadler: - “Adolescence is that period in which a child tries to become capable of everything by himself”. The need here is to help the student based on their potential but not by the career beliefs around. Teachers and the parents have a bigger responsibility to guide the adolescents choose the right path to make their life better.

Dr. Narayan Purohit 

Academic Coordinator, Delhi Public School, Gandhidham, Gujarat