Empowering children with design thinking

Jyoti Bhalla

Principal, Manaskriti School, Sector 82, Greater Faridabad, Haryana

We cannot predict what the future holds, however one thing that will remain a constant are challenges of the world. Children, who are the future leaders, should be equipped with skills that make them problem solvers. They should be empowered to meet the challenges and find innovative and meaningful solutions.

TManaskriti School nurtures young minds with the design thinking mind-set that builds an environment to foster creativity, curiosity and encourage collaborative learning. Design thinking can be brought into traditional curriculum and our educators incorporate this approach in their everyday teaching processes.

Creating growth mind-set

Very often Design thinking is related to maker’s space, robotics and technology and children feel that its not possible to incorporate the same in their regular subjects like maths, science or history. At Manaskriti our educators strive towards breaking this myth and nurturing mind-sets that will bring about a difference to the educational structure.

Building mind-sets like learning from failures, ability to develop creative confidence, ability to embrace ambiguity and above all to develop a sense of empathy. Spread over 7.5 acres of land, we create an environment for children to pursue their passion and implement their ideas. Educators infuse a sense of independence and children are encouraged to share their solutions, learn un-learn and re-learn in the process.

Solutions with Design thinking

Manaskriti School has always involved children in designing their own spaces. As the school was under construction, children decided to create a space for themselves from junk and through an iterative process built a musical wall with waste pipes, iron strips , handles and more. Not only did they make the wall in school, but also created something similar for the slum children nearby.

Being a lush green campus, the school has been a home for many birds. Children of Manaskriti made a conscious decision of increasing places of shelter for birds by creating bird feeders, water zones and even small nest like structures to help the birds build safe homes.

John Dewey had mentioned that “If we teach students as we taught them yesterday, we would rob them of tomorrow” Manaskriti believes in setting the right path in education that would nurture life-long learners and build problem solvers of the future.

Jyoti Bhalla

Principal, Manaskriti School, Sector 82, Greater Faridabad, Haryana