Environmental Education Practice (EEP): Go "Green School" Concept

Javid Qadir Zargar

Assistant Director, AICTE, New Delhi

Our future generation is going to have a tough time to deal with the environment. The reason behind this is the way humans have properly and wilfully destroyed the environment by commercial activities. In the name of development, carbon footprints are rising at an alarming pace.

The concept of 'use and grow' instead of 'use and throw' needs to be inculcated from a young age. Each student should be encouraged to plant a seed/sapling at school or home. In fact, making it a compulsory activity would make them realise the importance of trees. Educating them on better water management systems and efficient waste management systems can make them future environmental managers.

Honestly, we have a hundred reasons to teach and practice EEP in schools, and it has several unending advantages; few are listed below.

1. Hands-on learning part

Environmental Education Practice is not just limited to textbooks only. It connects students with the real world and thereby enhances their imagination and unlocks their creativity. EEP can be integrated into the curriculum as a practical course, taking into account the school environment or classroom as a lab for student’s work.

2. EEP increases social connect.

EEP helps learners build a social attitude, understand cultural values, and imbibe ecological solutions for humanity deep into their hearts.

3. Creative thinking and imagination development.

While finding solutions for environmental problems within school fosters a sense of creative thinking and imagination in them, they will become problem solvers and not problem creators. This can be achieved under the able guidance of their mentors, and they can undoubtedly reshape the school’s environment under the Go Green School concept lines.

4. Increase love towards natures.

By exposing students to nature and allowing them to learn and play in a green school campus, they will start taking care of it by their own will. It will significantly increase their interest and love towards nature.

5. It is a win-win situation.

Go green school concept is beneficial for both the students and the management. Students who will practice environmental activities in and around the school will stay fit and become healthy. These practices are capable of addressing the health concerns of obese students and students with other disorders and depression. The same program can ease out a lot of pressure on management too.

6. EEP makes students responsible for their actions.

How students' actions and behaviour influence nature and make nature angry or friendly can be addressed by EEP. Students build knowledge and necessary skills to resolve complex environmental issues, fostering a sense of responsibility in students when it comes to dealing with the environment.

7. Empowerment of students.

We know schools are just like a small world for our kids. Educating them on how to take care of this world on green lines is not enough, but we also need to empower them to deal with it. We can have our green schools an example for our society and can learn from it. So, EEP can surely inculcate good habits in students and can give them the liberty to deal with it. When we were in command, we destroyed our mother earth for our greedy needs. Now, we must empower our future generations by sensitising them about what went wrong and giving them free will to deal with it. We can expect good results because our earth has seen so many enemies. Let us motivate these young nature lovers to give nature so much of love back to it so that it regains its past glory and forgives us all.

Javid Qadir Zargar

Assistant Director, AICTE, New Delhi