Teacher and teaching.

Dr Priti Ojha

Principal, Delhi International School, Sector-23, Dwarka, New Delhi

When I am asked to speak about the needs of a teacher, my heart falls apart to let all of you know that it's only attitude and passion for this responsibility.

A classroom with all the resources and technology, best infrastructure, safe environment, amazing vision of the school may not provide the best knowledge to the child, until you don't have a teacher who has connect with students, shares a bond of trust, accepting the child with mistakes and most important an attitude which responds to the needs of the children.

The teaching and learning in the classroom has become very mechanical. Students doing an activity given to them is not engaging their thinking. Enquiry based learning will make the classroom alive with accelerated learning. It helps the child to ask all, what is important for them to know. Once they are answered to their inquisitive queries, they will then welcome, you for updating their knowledge. 

Our biggest challenge today is to engage students as per the curriculum. I feel knowledge is mandatory but skill and attitude has to be tapped, which is sadly not happening.

The need today is to create a student centric classroom. Once the interest of the child is identified, learning will be effortless for the child and the teacher.

Now the above mentioned task needs extremely smart teachers. Smart teacher needs engage the students, assess them, receive feedbacks and follow-up. It is definitely not easy. Teachers need guidance, practice, exposure, understanding, emotionally stable, committed and focused to the goals to achieve.

Teachers have to be vivid readers, travelers, have exchange programs to where they can travel to various schools to bring new ideas in the classrooms.

We can't do away with assessments as it helps to understand the learning of the child. Children should be given freedom, that when may they be assessed.

The information to be converted in the data is the need of the hour. So theory has to be practiced, to develop skill, attitude and knowledge. ASK model synthesized from bloom's taxonomy is essential for all of us to identify in expected learning outcomes. Road map for learning should be on ASK model, which will assure facilitator for providing 360 degree, holistic development of the child.

Dr Priti Ojha

Principal, Delhi International School, Sector-23, Dwarka, New Delhi