Self Confidence – A Way To Success

Mrs. Jean Moses Gomes

Principal, CES Michael High School, Kurla West , Mumbai

What according to you is success? Success means prosperity, achievement, winning, earning respect, continually finding more real happiness and satisfaction from one’s life. None of us want to live a life of mediocrity. But the question arises is how do we achieve success in what we do?

Success is all about what you believe and how much hard work you put in. If you believe you can achieve, you will definitely achieve. If you take the first leap of faith and positivity, you will definitely achieve great things. When you believe “I can do it” the “how to do it” develops. My magic mantra for all my students has always been “I can, I must and I will” and the first stanza in the mantra is about having a positive approach towards life. If we have a negative approach towards ourselves and doubt our capabilities, we are more likely to fail. For example: if you think that you cannot do a thing because of the many excuses one can give, you will never be able to do it. But if you think you can do it come what may; if you think about victory, definitely you will succeed.

Our mind is a thought factory producing countless thoughts in one day. If you think about triumph, you will definitely charge yourself of positive thoughts but if you think about defeat, you are moving downwards with negativity. As humane in nature, it is very easy to make excuses and give in to laziness, but when we start taking responsibility of our own development, we can cure ourselves from excuses that hinder our progress. We should never feel low of ourselves as each one of us is blessed with unique capabilities. As we live in an environment which is so diverse, we should always try to learn something new, keep reading, be observant and work hard even more to better than one could ever be. 

So my dear students and teachers, it is important to believe in ourselves that each of us is capable to lead our own-selves into victory. Thus this vacation let us remind ourselves of this acronym BELIEF so that we can-



L- Think like a LEADER


E- Learn from our ENVIRONMENT

F- Destroy FEAR

Believe you can succeed and you will. God bless each of you!

Mrs. Jean Moses Gomes

Principal, CES Michael High School, Kurla West , Mumbai

Marceline Junior College ( Arts / Science / Commerce )