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Dr. Santoshi Singh

Director, Millennium World School , Bangalore

Hi friends

First of all am humbled by the patronage and love received from you all..its been 14 years since I began my journey with Eurokids..its been a roller coaster ride,with a lot of wow, uhhh, aah, ouch moments sure you understand what I being very candid as I write to this is my first connect to you.

In this incredibly challenging and gifting span..I have realised a few things which I wanna share with you..

Happiness is

  • maintaining your health..for you will realise one day..that health was all the wealth..
  • creating Memories-neither success or Failure is permanent..enjoy the present moment.every day in ur school…thats why its called the PRESENT
  • Give back to Society

“When our actions are based on good intentions our soul has no regrets..”

Today I want to share about the 3 major Stakeholders of this business..if at all u treat it as one…for me its PASSION..

  • KIDS-their care and nurture is the reason we are here..

    The first and foremost thing we need to accept is this is a Holy profession and God has blessed us with tiny angels..who are not even ego involved..and they give much more than what they get..give them 1 hug and they r wanting to come to you for more..thats a lovely feeling you must definitely not miss…amongst all the routines of the me..the days I have been stressed or in difficult situations  I always run to PG class..its so blissful …when WIll POWER doesn’t work..try the WHY POWER..when u r with kids…the PURPOSE becomes stronger 

  • PARENTS-they trust the most important people in their lives to you..their we have to develop our relationship with parents from 1st phone call or tour  to day 2 day interactions  and continue to stay in touch ..even after the kids graduate..YOU HAVE TO CREATE TOP OF THE MIND nothing works more than WORD OF MOUTH in this profession..
  • STAFF-only TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK..if we dont feed our teachers well..they will eat the students..

    As a leader remember..your job is to visualize or envision..the rest of job of creating your vision to reality can only be done by your it tough love …empathize with themenjoy happy and comic moments..laugh over small things..celebrate small wins like events,ptms,kids settling…etc..

Set the tone-create the right environment for your team..again being a good role model ‍‍is the best way to do it. People will model their behavior on yours and they will in turn set an example for others to follow..if an unsettling child is not bothering wont bother them either!!


“Behind every problem,there’s a question trying to ask itself..behind every question,theres a answer trying to reveal itself..behind every answer,theres an action trying to take place..and behind every action,theres a way of life trying to be born..”


Love and Respect to all the wonderful women and men trying their best to gift children an amazing childhood..I know its not easy..butvwe are COURAGEOUS ENOUGH NOT TO GIVE UP!!

#if this writeup has inspired you and was helpful..pls send a note could share your feelings or issues..will handhold u along this journey..

Dr. Santoshi Singh

Director, Millennium World School , Bangalore