Selecting a Good Pre-School.

Dr. Ajay Sharma

Chairman , St. Joseph’s Group of Schools, Kota

Director : Bella Mente Chain of Pre-Schools

Dear Reader,

Admission season is round the corner again, Parents spend lot of time to select the right Pre-School for their child, with my experience of 2 decades, I may suggest few key factors which can be taken in consideration while selecting the school. This may help the school leaders to have an Eagle’s eye view of their own school.

In my opinion, values which are imbibed during their decisive years of a child, plays a vital role in growth and future of any society and thus the value added education shall be the integral part of any guidance curriculum for example, Vedas may be the guiding benchmark.

The high Happiness Quotient is must for a School. The curriculum of the Pre-school should have developmentally appropriate activities to build your child’s knowledge and boost his/her confidence. A pre-school that practices values in a daily life provides practical learning experiences, make learning fun and actually celebrate Childhood.

Your pre-school has to be near your home and convenient for you to visit, as you would be going there every day to pick and drop and any way, you need to be in close cognition with the faculties of school. Neighborhood pre-school should be given a priority.

The school should inform about safety and security measures adopted by the School. CCTV vigilance, Security personnel guarding the gate, Interiors of the schools should be designed keeping child safety in mind, teachers and support staff should be trained for Child Safety Measures.

Good Hygiene Standards should be maintained by the school, washrooms must be equipped with child friendly toilet, washbasins, etc. facilitates key hygiene habits in kids like:-

  • Washing hands after playing, and before and after eating.
  • Bathing (specially for day boarders).
  • Oral Hygiene, etc.

Selection of Toys and Books by the school reflects its preparedness to deliver the curriculum in the right sprit.

  • The toys should be realistic and challenging like puzzles, pegboards, blocks, etc. The toys that enhance creativity and foster language skills in students like dress up clothes, props and puppets, etc.
  • Large and small balls which may engage the kids and help vent out their energies.
  • Tricycles are the best toys that foster their gross motor development.
  • Legos fosters Creativity and imagination and skills.
  • Toys made up wood, ball Jumbo crayons chalks and finger paints help in developing pre-reading and writing skills. Books should be round edged which are to be easy to flip. Consider books with large pictures which are easily visible. Themes, concepts and stories should be age appropriate and with happy ending.

The eco system thus created should prompt your child to be an explorer.

Stem (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) focused pedagogy is the need of hour and quite relevant in pre-schools too. Counting orally, sorting, grouping/classification and small scientific concepts will develop the scientific aptitude in the kids.

Pre-Schools which aim to develop reading and writing based on phonics will ultimately develop the lingual excellence in your child. Parents play a pivotal role in future personality and spoken English excellence of your ward.

Last but not the least, school must include different activities in its curriculum which ensures development of human values like empathy, love for all, and appreciation of fairness, sharing and caring and thanks giving as a part and parcel of their personality.

“A Complete personality” is what we all as parents and educators look forward in the face of our child.

Dr. Ajay Sharma

Chairman , St. Joseph’s Group of Schools, Kota

Director : Bella Mente Chain of Pre-Schools