Teaching life Skills in Early Education years

Mr. Ajay Gupta

Founder CEO, Bachpan Playschools and Academic Heights Public Schools

It is not necessary that an adult is always wise and a child is the innocent element of this nature. The seeds of how an individual will lead his upcoming life is hidden in the secret of what was sown while such an individual was a small kid. It is necessary that a child is taught how to lead a positive life that is not wholesome for an individual but brightens the life of people who surround them. Let us dig deeper into the importance of life skills in a student's life. Children at Bachpan and AHPS are taught these skills at a very early stage which makes them an informed person capable of leading a life full of possibilities. Thus, it is necessary that a child's energy is channelized and synergized at a place where they can reap maximum results. Teachers working with Bachpan and AHPS work on the same set of principles and have nurtured over 5 lakh kids so far.

“Do parents prepare the child for everything they are to face in future?” No! No parent can actually do that, he says Therefore, it is important that the value of life skill development should be inculcated in a child so that they can take informed decisions confidently. There are numerous life skills which are learnt at every stage of life. There is a different set of life skills for kids which are important to be taught during early education years. In this write up, I shall enumerate Top 10 important life skills for kids who are attending their kindergarten, Preschool, play way or a nursery class.

  • Respect for self
  • A little child does not know the importance for self respect nor do they know the clear meaning of it. You should tell them that they must ensure that someone doesn't overpower or say demeaning words in any situation.

  • Respect for Others
  • With self respect, respect for others is also important. A child must be taught that they must respect other's decision and speech and try to have an ear to listen to and analyze the situation.

  • Timeliness
  • A famous proverb 'A stitch in time saves nine' should be taught in a way so that a child knows the importance of doing everything and being everywhere on time.

  • Tidiness
  • Cleanliness of your own body and the surroundings is important. Meaning of keeping the vicinity clean and tidy should be inculcated so that the child learns how to manage and keep safe their things at a designated place.

  • Faith in God
  • Even if you think that you do not want to teach your child that god exists, you at least have to tell them that every good or bad they do in being watched. This instill a sense of differentiating between right doings and wrong doings.

  • Optimism
  • Being positive about leading ones life is important. Adults get depressed very easily owing to tough situations. Always let your kid know that if they learn to keep happy and satisfied in every situation, they shall find new avenues coming up every now and then.

  • Self-belief
  • It is important that the child learns to be confident and believes in whatever they do. They should never be criticized. They should be taught how could they be correct instead of to what extent they are wrong.

  • Language and Conduct
  • Language signifies character of a person. A child should be groomed so that they conduct them gracefully and refrain from using any foul or rude language.

  • Mannerism
  • Body language and mannerism is an important part of life skills for kids. Respecting elders, eating habits, table manners are some of the key skills important for kids.

  • Prioritizing things

Children should be taught the meaning of urgency and things which can be postponed. It should be clarified that an individual cannot take care of all the tasks all by themselves. They should know how to seek help and manage things. We might not use a heavy word like life skills as these little ones are too small to understand the real meaning and intention behind this.


Mr. Ajay Gupta, (CEO of Bachpan Play School & AHPS group of schools) has always lead a life of prudence and thus has been an author of several books and articles like this one. He feels instilling Life Skills at a tender age is important and should be taken care of by the schools as well as parents.

For life skills in kids education, he says, “Let's call these skills the 'FEEL GOOD HABITS' so that a child can relate to the life skills in the form of developing habits which will enhance the feel good factor while leading a positive life.”

Mr. Ajay Gupta

Founder CEO of Bachpan Playschools and Academic Heights Public Schools.