Using Augmented Reality Technology in the Classroom

Classes become interesting when technology is used for delivering lessons. And when interactive technology such as augmented reality is used, the whole process becomes even more enthralling. While augmented reality technology in education is still a newer concept, it has already started making a change by providing better learning outcomes.

Augmented reality in education not only makes learning more exciting but also acts as a constructive tool for delivering lectures. Here is how augmented reality is used in the classrooms and how it is changing the world of education.

How Augmented Reality Technology is being used in the Classroom?

There are many ways augmented reality technology can be used in a classroom. Below pointers elucidate the same.

Learning made fun and exciting!

Learning becomes easier when students are actually enjoying the class. Incorporating interactive technology such as augmented reality in education is a great way to make the learning process fruitful. Teachers can grasp the attention of students in the very first place by augmenting the 2D images on a textbook to 3D interactive models. 3D figures are easier to understand and let students learn in a better way.

These 3D models can be dissected or broken to let them understand even the minutest part of an experiment or phenomenon. As teachers and students both are actively involved, the process becomes even more interactive.

Explain Abstract and Complex Topics

Explaining abstract topics with traditional pedagogies is extremely challenging. Moreover, every student is not an auditory or a visual learner, hence, things get even harder. Leverage the power of augmented reality to explain the toughest abstract topics such as set theory, complex and real numbers, the function of brain and heart, and what not! Augmented reality can be very well used to instill the concepts of STEM curriculum in students by incorporating experiential learning. This further helps kinaesthetic learners also, as they can learn by doing.

Experiment with Simulations

Augmented reality in education is much more than just augmenting 2D images into 3D models. The technology lets you play with 3D simulations and perform the most intricate experiments of maths and science within the walls of a classroom. Besides, it is not feasible to take students to the laboratory, now and then.

Augmented reality technology provides 3D simulations through which students can get hands-on experience in a particular experiment. This helps them understand a topic in a better way. And the best part is, it is much easier and more cost-effective than an actual laboratory setup! So, it’s a win-win situation!

Train Students to master a skill

The power of augmented reality technology can be used to train students to master a skill. Since augmented reality apps for education come with a variety of content such as 3D images, 3D models, simulations, and quizzes, teachers can use all this to let students develop skills in a better way. Besides, apps such as the Metaverse AR Platform allow students to build their very own augmented reality experiences and that too sans any coding! Imagine how enticing it would be!

Break the Fetters of Space and Time with Augmented Field Trips!

Whilst virtual field trips are becoming a rage in the world of education, why not take students to augmented field trips? Just like the way taking students to a laboratory isn’t doable, now and then, field trips don’t happen very often. But with the help of several augmented reality apps, you can do this without any hassle.

Various European teachers have already started using augmented reality technology to take students on augmented field trips to different castles. All it takes is a map of the chosen place and the students can view the augmented digital output of the same. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Benefits of using Augmented Reality Technology in Classrooms

Once you have started using augmented reality technology in the classroom, you’ll soon observe the positive changes it can bring. Below are the proven benefits of augmented reality in education. Take a look.

  • Kindle the Passion of Learning:The modern student craves for digital stimulation, and the traditional methods of teaching won’t suffice. Hence, using augmented reality apps in education can kindle the passion for learning among students. It makes them feel interested in what is being taught and hence bring better learning outcomes.
  • Makes Classes Interactive:Augmented reality is often known as interactive technology. This is because it makes use of the learner-centered approach. Students can learn at their own pace and get actively involved in the learning process. It increases their participation levels and hence helps in a better understanding of the topics.
  • Boosted Student Engagement:Ever wondered why gamers are so engrossed while playing augmented reality games? It is because the experience is so captivating that it completely engages the users. The same impact augmented reality apps for education have on students. The simulated world is so enthralling that the learners wouldn’t want to come out of it!
  • Improved Collaboration:Teachers often face difficulty in building a good bond with students. With the help of augmented reality apps for education, teachers become actively involved in the process and act as a guide rather than just instructing the fundamentals and working of a certain phenomenon.
  • Better Teamwork:Yet another incredible benefit of augmented reality in education is improving teamwork among the students. Augmented reality apps for gaming have already proved that this technology can improve teamwork among the players. While experimenting with a simulation, learners can come together and develop a better understanding of the same.