Benefits of School Attendance Software

Colleges, schools, coaching centers, and educational institutions find attendance tracking and data management as the most important challenges. Thankfully, biometric authentication & presence monitoring software have made life simple for school administrators. Use of such new technology promotes involvement of the parents in different school affairs as student’s presence & classroom performance data will be shared within minutes to them. Ensuring the school runs as effectively and efficiently as possible it means investing in the school attendance software tracking. The best solution may revolutionize your opportunity of having the smooth running school & profitable bottom line.


What’s Attendance Management Software & why is so important for the schools?

The attendance management software is an important part of school management system that uses biometric attendance system or access card for maintaining the accurate and quick record of every student’s attendance and offers timely records and summaries when required.

Student Management System is the applications of the school management software, which is designed for maintaining accurate status of the student every day attendance. Thus, helps to maintain the records about the student attendance leave or absent records and more.

With an idea of taking out the old manual method style of maintaining the attendance, school attendance management system is introduced. This has many amazing features and benefits, which are explained in complete detail below.

1. Get Comfort:

The normal time-taken for recording attendance for each class will be overtaken by this software that suggests that the teachers do not have to create any manual efforts

2. Speed & Accuracy

Using the school attendance software module in the school management system eliminates need for the manual attendance, which is the long & cumbersome process. The students can just log on to their attendance by using the internet system and save teachers an extra time and effort that will generally go in marking attendance. Such system is much faster and accurate than the manual attendance software, avoids any incorrect data entry, and helps to reduce mundane paperwork and duplication.

3. Saving Your Valuable:

To check out attendance register, write reports and make this available to the parents, which is the traditional way that does not match in the contemporary era as well as is replaced by the school attendance management system that can do all this in lesser time frame.

4. Offers Flexibility:

One major factor that comes in the support of this system is that use is for large and tiny schools as the attendance management can be the basic need, software coming at the affordable rate with the support for flexibility actually makes this commendable.

5. Automatic Report Generation

Quite often teachers have to access attendance reports of their students –for disciplinary reasons and for parent & teachers meetings. Using the student’s attendance system makes sure that the reports are made at a click of the button. The school authorities also can access the summaries, and trend reports that are related to attendance records.

6. Get Regular Alerts:

The inclusion of alerts that enable parents to know about their child absence from the school is generally one additional benefit. Weekly and monthly reports can also be sent that depends on the choice of the school. The parents get more aware about their child performance, they will be able to check it themselves & get regular reports to be delivered to the mobile and mailbox.

7. Improves Punctuality

Whereas manual attendance conducted every day by the teachers enforces everyday attendance, using the cloud-based attendance software online ensures that arrival time of every student is rightly recorded so that monitor tardiness & teach students importance of the punctuality.

8. Alerts Parents

Using the attendance management software makes it simple for the parents to get the automatic alerts daily that the students aren’t in class. It will not at all be possible in the manual attendance system however, using school management system, which stores all communication data of parents, it’s simple than ever for the parents to be updated on their children daily school attendance. It helps the parents to stay abreast of number of classes that are missed by their kid.

9. Staff Attendance Management

Attendance management software can be used for tracking attendance of teachers and other staffs in the school. It allows for simple calculation of the leaves as well as tracks working days or hours with accuracy ease by using an access card and biometric attendance system.

10. Works Smoothly:

Web based school attendance software; the web application means that the software will work very smoothly on any web browser & computer.

11. Error-free

Suppose schools are making use of attendance management software online to maintain their student attendance then this removes possibility of having any error in the database. Since it does not include any paperwork, so risk of error will be zero.

12. Simple to access & user-friendly

The student attendance system is managed easily by the members of school. Report generation, data storing, recovery of database is secured and fast with the software. Teachers will easily generate the reports in whichever way they want such as day-wise, month-wise, and more. Getting daily, weekly & monthly attendance is easier with this kind of the software. You will be able to configure the settings for every group as per your school requirements.

13. SMS Integration

The student attendance system is managed easily by the members of school. Report generation, data storing, recovery of database is secured and fast with the software. Teachers will easily generate the reports in whichever way they want such as day-wise, month-wise, and more. Getting daily, weekly & monthly attendance is easier with this kind of the software. You will be able to configure the settings for every group as per your school requirements.

The SMS Integration is the best features of the attendance management system. By this amazing software, schools may easily send the report of student to parents like their absent report, leave & applications reports, monthly attendance report, and more. It will be very beneficial for both the teachers and parents for right communication.

Useful Features

Today, the school systems are in pressure for completing complex and diverse activities. The effective performance is necessary to keep school system working very smoothly. In addition, never-ending practice to have distinctive school functions generally calls for the administrators to take software, which is sophisticated to keep up. Conventional process of integration & coordination are just inadequate. Get attendance tracking system for schools, which will do much more than just keeping up with the work hours. The full benefits will change based on your school setting. But, there are a few features that are quite standard for the daily activities. So, here are some useful features to facilitate for managing the school efficiently:

With help from the tracking application, management can keep the whole school in control. No matter whether it is school admissions, fee collections, attendance, security or library maintenance, software, which tracks down attendance, can automate other functions.

Different modules will serve several needs of your school, and all in one application. The customized components will target uniqueness of the school whereas serving as a primary database of your whole school system.


Attendance management software is the essential requirement for each school, college or educational institute. The automation of attendance system frees teaching authorities from the mundane tasks & saves classroom time that will be invested for teaching students. Thus, we can say that the student attendance management software saves effort and time in maintaining attendance or being the combination of these features, Entab provides the best school attendance management software.


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