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2018 Trending Technologies in Education Sector


Nowadays, every educational institution relies on automatic systems where in the staff workload can be reduced to a large extent. Gone are the days when chalkboards were only used to interact with the students. The top-notch schools and colleges have mostly come up with the latest technologies where the tasks and activities are carried out within fraction of seconds. It is necessary that education & technology should always be in perfect harmony. The best part of such automation used in Online School Administrative Software is that everything in a school management goes online.

How various automations in ERP software help reduce staff workload?

Online Examination Management System

  • In most situations, teachers are the ones who need to administer all the duties and works related to examination. Some of the tedious tasks are entering of marks in registers, updating these over the complete course of year. These tasks can be easily now maintained with less time which can also reduce the workload of staffs.
  • In online exam system, the exam management of the entire school can be done very easily & quickly. Bulk entries of marks can be done for the entire class at a time. Therefore, teachers can have more time to interact with students.
  • Report cards can be easily maintained and generated with an accurate finish. This automatic report card generation system eases the task of teachers who need to manual calculations for report cards. In such cases, there might be chances of errors because to err is human.

Online Attendance Entry

  • In schools, the initial ten minutes are wasted in marking the daily attendance of students in registers. Now, this typical system can be replaced by the use of online attendance marking. Daily attendance of students can be marked at one go without the wastage of time.
  • Another advantage of this extensive feature is that while marking the attendance through online daily updates of all the absentees are also sent to parents. Through this, parents can be updated of their child’s presence inside the school premises.

How parents can keep track of their child’s in-class activities & keep track of their child’s location?

Online Communication & SMS facility

  • Through this system, school administration can send timely notifications to parents & students of any events, emergency holidays, fee collection dates that are to be conducted in schools. Hence, parents receive SMS and therefore it always reminds them of any events even if they are busy.
  • Parents can also receive notifications regarding their child’s daily in-class activities such as assignments, projects and circulars. This will aid them to develop their child’s academic progress by helping them out with their home works.

Online Home Work Management

  • With this incredible feature teachers can upload the assignments and projects directly in the portals. Hence, parents need to just open their portals and view the assignments instead of searching the diaries of their children.
  • Often children have the tendency of forgetting things and therefore their assignments and home works remain in-completed. In such cases, this automated home work management system has helped a lot to remind the parents about their child’s studies.

Online Fee Collection System

  • Due to hectic work schedule often parents find it difficult to go personally to schools and submit their child’s fees. The online fee collection feature offered by the Most Trusted ERP Software solves this tension of fee submission of parents.
  • Through this system, parents can pay the fees even if they are working or are on travelling at anytime and anywhere. Therefore it eases the task of parents to go personally to schools for fee submission and thus saves their time.

Automatic Time Table & Syllabus

  • Initially, teachers used to create time tables and syllabus in large sheets of paper. Those days are gone because by the implementation of online time table module provided by Entab’s-CampusCare teachers can maintain the time table & syllabus in the software.
  • The exam syllabus can also be uploaded in portals so that parents can always keep update of all the exam dates thereby helping their children to prepare for these exams. This will eventually result in the academic development of the child.

Automatic Tracking with Biometric Integration

  • Teachers can be tracked by using the biometric integration feature. With the help of biometric integration staff attendance can be easily tracked. Hence, this feature also provides the automatic attendance marking of teachers.
  • Students can be tracked and monitored by implementing the RFID techniques. Hence it keeps the parents and staff alert of students real-time location. Therefore, the sense of fear in the minds of parents and staff can be reduced to some extent.

Library Automation System

  • The School Management Software offers a Hassle Free Library Automation System. It helps to keep track of the overall catalogue of books in the library. Hence, the librarian can easily verify all the available stocks.
  • It helps the librarian to keep update of all issued & returned books. In addition to this, it also keeps record of all fine collection, maintenance of books, etc. This helps the library in-charge to back up the data of even the previous academic sessions if required which is becomes wearisome when maintained in registers.

Hence, the Automated School ERP Solution is a one-stop solution which allows students, staff and parents to work in safe and secure platform. It helps everyone to stay connected in a single platform. Therefore it’s high time that these smart systems need to be implemented in schools to make our children smarter who will ultimately lead our country towards a development.

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