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It's Raining

Simple ways to protect our school- Going children during the Rainy Season


We all do remember the rhymes, "Rain Rain Go Away, Come again another day" this nursery rhyme still exists as you insist your child to stay back at home by not allowing them to play at the time of rainfall.

Monsoon is a period of time where we get a relief from the scorching heat during summers and enjoy the nature plush. Rain is a word which brings happiness by relaxing our mind & heart and lets us get in touch with nature. Rainy season in India begins in early June and ends by late September thus, making the most enjoyable seasons which brings along with it lots of fun and happy memories. As the rainy season is about to begin, it is very essential that we keep in mind the diseases it entails along with it such as viral infections like cold, fever, cough etc.

Precautions to be taken in Rainy Season:

Get the Right Rain Gear:

First and foremost it is required to provide the quality rain gear to your children which makes them happy and they love to use it.

  • Umbrella – It is very much required for children to carry their own umbrella to school, which helps to protect themselves from the monsoon.
  • Rain boots – Rain boots actually helps to protect their feet and also keep them warm, By doing so the infections and disease like allergy can be controlled.
  • Waterproof school bags – As children carry many kinds of stuff to school with them, It is equally important to protect them by using waterproof school bags.
  • Hooded rain jacket – A jacket with hood will definitely keep their head much protected than the normal caps or hats.

Precautions from Lightning & Thunderstorms:

Basically children will not be aware of the danger that may occur due to lightning or thunderstorm, We can educate them, how to remain protected in such situation.

  • Oudoor Precaution – During monsoon there are some possiblities of occuring lightning and thunder which is very dangerous and breath taking situation for school going children. In such circumstance they should be educated how to overcome the situation and protect themselves. Tips for children to protect themself
    • During thunder or lightning children should move away from trees and electric poles.
    • They should avoid outdoor games and stay in a safe place like classroom.
    • They shouls also stay away from touching any kind of metallic objects.
  • Indoor Precaution – It is equally important to take some prcautions to stay safe under a shelter. Children should be educated not to use any kind of electronic gadget like computers, Phones, Television and also advise them to stay away from doors, windows, balconies etc at the time of lightning or thunder.

Precautions Against Illness:

The rainfall brings a lot much illness along with them. Parents are kindly requested to be observant towards the unsafe and negligent practice of your children

  • Your children should be advised not to touch the wet wall as it turn mouldy and form fungi which in result cause the skin allergies and breathing difficulties.
  • The digestive system of human being slow down during monsoon and hence eat only home cooked food and avoid food from a street vendor. It is also required to avoid junk food & fizzy drinks in this season.
  • It is highly recommended to have fruits with high water content like watermelon, cucumber etc, Make sure the veggies and fruit you use are fresh without broken skin or cracks, wash them thoroughly with fresh water.
  • Do your child have the habit of biting nail? Then it is very risky to continue this habit in monsoon. Because the nail will accumulate the dirt and it will be deposited in their stomach which later on causes stomach disorders.
  • Teach them to wash/sanitize their hands before they have their food, this is one of the most important steps that we can take to avoid getting into illness and spread germs to others. You can also provide them with a small bottle of hand sanitizer to use outdoor.

Precautions for Get Wet Situation:

Children usually love to get wet in rain and enjoy themselves. If you truly care your kids do not deny them. Instead, take some precautions like:

  • Allowing them to take a shower after the get wet games and also ask them to get changed to the dry cloths.
  • If they are cought in an unexpected rain ask them to make sure to dry themself as soon as possible.
  • Do not switch on the Air Conditioner when they are in wet cloths it may cause severe illness.

Keep your Surrounding Clean:

  • Get rid of stagnant water (water lodging anywhere around the house) must be cleared immediately. Because, it gives shelter to the flies which carry disease all over the place.
  • Please remember to keep your surrounding clean and make the earth green. By keeping the surrounding clean, especially in monsoon, your children will be safe from contaminating diseases.

Use Mosquito Repellents:

Mosquito Repellents are the substance prevents the occurance of mosquito, flies etc.

  • In the rainy season, we notice that mosquitos are found abundantly and it may cause many severe diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid etc.
  • We can save our children from the attack of mosquitos by using the anti-mosquito lotion during they go to school or while they go out with friends to play games.
  • It is also required to be well dressed with full sleeves and full legs covered apparel and also advisable to apply anti-mosquito lotion on the apparel. Because there is a possibility where the mosquitos can bite even through the thin apparel

Conclussion :

As it was said in the beginning Rainy season brings the showers of happiness and joy all around the world. It totally depends on you weather you let your children smile and enjoy this shower of happiness. This is to request all loving parents to think proactively and spread health and happiness all around..

Happy & Safe Monsoon ahead!!

Posted On: 02/July/2018 | Writer: Lucy Jins | Design: Preeti Singh | Editor: Himanshu Singh Rialch


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