COVID-19: Bringing a Change in the Indian Education System

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we used to lead our lives. All spheres and domains of life have been affected adversely and made us realize that the current ways do not work. Yesterday’s reality seems to be a dream today.

As the country is on lockdown, people have realized the importance of technology in different industries. And the world of education is no exception. Online lectures have become the new classrooms; every parent has become a teacher, and every house is a school. No matter how strange this might look, this is the actual picture today. And here is how COVID-19 is bringing a change in the Indian education system.


How is the Indian Education System Evolving?

Many schools in the country have already equipped technology in one form or the other. School ERP software is a common sighting in most institutes these days. Similarly, school LMS software is also being deployed in major schools in India.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become essential for every school across the nation to make the most out of technology. Although schools are making use of video calling apps and software to deliver lectures to students at home, the Indian education system has a long way to go.

Educational institutes in the country should learn from the challenges and try to devise methods and solutions that bolster the process of teaching-learning during the times of adversities.

Below pointers elucidate the impact of COVID-19 on the Indian Education System.

Innovative Methods of Teaching-Learning

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. The saying couldn’t be more accurate than in contemporary times.

To bring out the best results, schools are trying hands on different technologies and pedagogies. Online lectures are the most common out of all. Solutions like school learning management software (LMS) are helping schools and institutes to deliver lessons as well as keep track of the performance of students.

Immersive learning technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality are not only helping students to understand things in a better way but also making them ready for the future. Various online learning platforms are providing free courses to help learners amid the crippling pandemic. This is only gearing up schools, educators, and learners for the coming times.


Better Relationship with Technology

Be it parents, teachers, or students; every individual today has to be familiar with technology in the present world. As quarantining oneself has become the need of the hour, technology remains the only thing to keep everyone connected. People are resorting to video calls, audio calls, and messages to stay in touch with each other.

Speaking about the education system in India, leading schools are making use of school management software and school LMS software to deliver lectures to students. To do so, one has to know how to operate different devices and use several technologies. To make the process of teaching-learning more worthwhile, various schools and parents are making use of modern technologies such as augmented reality, 3D videos, and virtual reality. By doing so, people are developing a better relationship with technological advancements.

Challenges in the Way

As mentioned above, not all schools in the country use ERP software or school LMS software. These institutes are resorting to different software, apps, and online platforms to continue the process of teaching-learning. Another challenge is the availability of required devices and gadgets at home, along with a stable internet connection.

Not to mention, the emotional and mental health of students is at stake. For very young learners, it is difficult to understand the current scenario. Hence, it becomes crucial for parents and educators to show them the right path and educate them with preventive measures.

Also, it is going to be difficult for students to get back to the old routine once things get normal. This is the reason why educators need to act as mentors and help students get by. Parents, on the other hand, should serve as a support system for their children.


The COVID-19 pandemic is indeed an eye-opener for all of us that being adaptive to the change is the best thing to do. Since it is hard to say whether life would get back to how it was before the pandemic, each one of us should be ready to adopt change. This applies to all spheres of life, including the Indian education system.


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