Long-Distance Learning Simplified with LIVE Classes

Live classes or online classes have emerged as one of the most fruitful solutions amid COVID-19. As schools and educational institutes remain closed due to the precarious situation, teachers and educationists are resorting to digital platforms and live classes to provide education to students. Depicting all the features of a brick-and-mortar classroom, live classes are helping to keep teaching-learning unscathed amidst the ongoing pandemic.

Long-Distance Learning

Benefits of Live Classes

The benefits of live classes during COVID-19 are not limited to providing education at home. Below pointers explain how live classes are helping students during critical times.

Bringing Education to Home

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While students cannot go to school to learn and grow, live classes are bringing education to home. They can digitally meet with their teachers and classmates every day to acquire education. The process is helping to provide uninterrupted learning amid COVID-19. Under the guidance of the teachers, students can learn and perform better, even at home.

Bringing Education to Home

Making Students Self-Disciplined

Students can learn on their own at home, but they may not be able to do it with proper discipline. Since live classes require the presence of students, it builds a sense of routine and discipline in them. They feel like an actual class. Teachers can track students' attendance and share the same with the help of emails and messages. Hence, the process is very effective in making students self-disciplined at home.

Sense of Togetherness

Sense of Togetherness

Students cannot meet their classmates and friends amid home isolation. But, with live classes, they can e-meet their peers and mates and learn together. It builds a sense of togetherness and makes the process of learning more productive. This is one of the significant reasons why live classes during COVID-19 is a better option than other digital solutions out there.


Unlike expensive software and solutions out there, live class or online class is a cost-effective solution for providing education at home. Many schools across the world are resorting to free video meeting apps and platforms to conduct online classes during COVID-19. With this, they are saving on a lot of money. On the other hand, leading EdTech companies are customizing their products, such as school management software, to help schools deliver education amid the critical situation.

Connecting to Students to Teachers

There needs to be a strong connection between students and teachers for better learning outcomes. But due to COVID-19, students are not able to go to schools and interact with teachers. Live classes, on the other hand, are helping students to connect with the teachers virtually. It simulates an actual classroom, and students pay more attention to what is being taught. They can ask questions and actively participate in the process of teaching-learning.

The benefits of live classes during COVID-19 are helping students in a lot of ways. All it takes is a computer or a smartphone, a stable internet connection, and learners can virtually attend classes for an interactive learning session at home. Stay home, stay safe, and keep learning!

onnecting to Students to Teachers


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