Empowering education with Technology

Today, we do most of our daily chores technically as compared to a decade ago. From connecting with family on festivals to sending a gift or a letter to a friend; from learning to servicing; from banking to governance, technology is now an indispensable “organ” of our hearts and minds. It is difficult to answer whether we embraced technology or technology embraced our lives, in either case, tech-supported activities have made our lives comfortable and convenient. The pocket-friendly gadgets, both in size and costs, have unfolded new ways of being more effective, efficient and transparent.

More than any other field, technological progress has impacted the education. It can be said that the sector has been revolutionized by technological advancements; starting with the web, then came gadgets powered by web, followed by 3D, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR). These ed-technological marvels have crafted newer avenues to make education more inclusive, participatory and effective.

Empowering education with Technology

Technology has opened new doors of learning. Internet and its’ gadgets have facilitated collaboration with centres of excellences around the world. A learner can access information, start a new discussion and gain new experiences anytime and anywhere. With 3D, AR and VR technology, which gives virtual live experience, difficult topics can be studied anytime without waiting for labs to open. These technologies can bring in more clarity of concept ensuring better understanding amongst the pupils.

Empowering education with Technology

AR, VR technology can enrich the experience totally and take school learning to a new level. The concept of understanding a biology class with virtual reality is path breaking. Just imagine, when students will be virtually present inside a human heart while studying human heart. The 3D, AR and VR visualizations can take students learning to the next-level. Every subject can be taught with AR and VR in a more effective and efficient way, subjects like history, geography, environmental science can be taught in ways like never before and student can learn in ways never possible before. Students can see and understand the solar system in a more engaging manner in Geography; in History or Environment science, students can have a virtual tour through the cities and analyse comprehensively how the cities changed over times or why a river changed the course, what led to it, etc.; students who have a dislike for mathematics can even score high marks if taught through these user-friendly technologies. The Immersion spectrum of these technologies is beyond imagination, which ensures that student can effectively retain their learning.

It can be said that 21st century kids are born with technology, so its’ natural that they will have their inclination towards it. The old ways of imparting education are redundant now, the kids are interested in technology so why not use their orientation in a tech-enabled education, where they’ll learn readily. Todays, students are more interested in studying with the help of technology rather than holding a book. They find this newer way effective as well as fun. Tech-supported education is interactive and participative.

These computer-based training programs provide flexibility in skills acquisition and are cost effective and relevant. Information technologies are uniquely capable of providing ways to meet this demand.

It can be used to take education to the next-level which is the need today. Technology can be at times difficult to handle, can be even complex and frustrating, but all this is only a short-term nightmare. Bear a few hours & days and the same “technology” will define all your logic!


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