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Software Erp Software

The online browser school ERP – CampusCare®

The CampusCare® software is developed with Microsoft technologies, ever since our foundation in the Year 2000. The software is constantly kept upgraded from time to time as and when new versions of technologies are released.

The Tech Run. The expert personnels of our company are deployed and stationed at customer Schools for the smooth and effective implementation of the software and for proper hands down training of the staff of the School. Meticulous care and specific efforts are made for the smooth facilitation of the automation tools specially created, customised and modified to suit to the day to day requirements of the Institution. The company is always at the forefront to keep the latest available technology upgraded in the system on a regular basis giving due regard to the demands and preferences of the end users.

The Tech Support Team of the Company is always at the disposal of the customers with the sole aim & mantra of blooming a “radiant smile on the face of our esteemed users”. The latest version of our ERP is eloquently capable to take care of 100% accounting for 'man, money & material' besides establishing and maintaining proper communication with in the departments and amongst all stake holders such as management, staff, students and parents. The system will integrate all functions which include accounts, payroll, inventory, student’s activities and more under one roof. The management will be able to standardize and control every function with better efficiency and higher productivity.

Integration of biometric machines, QR code, smart cards, various payment gateways etc could be effectively managed for better and hassle free performance. The software is served as a hosted solution which can be browsed across all major browsers available in the market.

CampusCare® Online ERP Software provides flexibility to the school management to set up the software on the available hardware and can be assigned to the existing manpower within the normal budgetary provisions.

Hassle free performance is assured!!

Mobile Applications

School Management Software & Mobile Apps

Mobile Application
  • Compatible with Android phones and iPhones
  • Easy to install and configurable
  • One time secured login and lifetime access
  • Online admission forms
  • Instant access to daily home works, assignments, circulars, timetable, syllabus, holidays, exam schedules etc
  • Accessibility for parents on fingertips
  • Hassle free Online Fee Payment system
  • Real time generation of due dates reminders, fee receipts, tuition fee certificates etc
  • Real time notification on every updates
  • Regular updates for improved performance and features
  • Access to Library books and Examination dates and Results
  • Single Sign-in access for multi-users
  • Photo gallery of events, infrastructure, school buildings, campus, alumni etc

Parent Portal

Attendance Application

Software Erp

Parent Portal - enables the Institution, inter alia, to maintain records and history of information that are passed on to students and parents over a period of time. It has the facility to login to various academic sessions for accessing the report cards of previous years which can be viewed at any point of time for reference. The fee certificates and fee receipts for the previous sessions, syllabus, time table etc are easily accessible.

The parent portal similarly enables parents and guardians to have access to all information pertaining to their wards. They can remit online fee from their banks portal, print payment receipts, view the assignments, circulars, etc. In fact it's this welcome feature of our software that gained much popularity among the parents.

More information related to special features can be obtained during demonstration of the Software and Apps by our team members. The Software is already having 'Principal portal', 'Management portal', 'Staff portal' and 'Student portal' in addition to 'Parent portal',. The basic aim is to communicate with parents and simplify the process of learning in accordance with International Standards. Apps are immediate tools for instant information to everyone and to remain connected.

In fact the specially designed Apps are a golden treasure for parents to handle the education of their wards as efficiently as possible in the fast moving and competitive world.This in turn improve the overall results, discipline, performance and responsibility factors of every stake holders and the reputation of the school as well.

"Having Multiple Fruit Bearing single tree at everyone's home garden by sowing a single seed from world technologies feels amazing..." says Lawrence Zacharias, MD Entab.

Online Payment

Online School Fee Payment

Online Payment

Online Fee Payment – smart way of payment.

The beginning of the Millennium witnessed an unprecedented but drastic transformation in the functioning of the banking sector over the world, which saw large scale automation resulting in ATM transactions, online banking and a wide variety of online payments etc. Sensing the opportunity and rising to the occasion the company has plunged into a series of technological improvements and up gradations and made history in the domain of online payment of school fee transactions. This has not only benefited the parents but has systematically rather dramatically eased and simplified the accounting system of established schools which were till then struggling with manual transactions and accounting.

Today we are compatible and equipped to provide all kinds of transaction methods which are available in the banking sector and we have arrangements with more than 50 major Banks for all types of electronic banking such as digital banking through debit and credit cards, net banking, mobile app banking etc.

POS, Barcode/QR Code Integration

School Administration Software
School ERP Software

POS integration is very important after the demonetization rive. The online payments and cashless /cheque less operation indicates that a country is really making growth. There is hardly any cash needed for educated folks to do the daily transaction.

School Management Software

Various integration smoothen the regular working of the institution. The CampusCare ERP successfully integrated with bar code, QR code, biometric machines for staff attendance etc.

School Website Integration

School Website Integration
Software Erp

The pulses of schools are well understood by the entabians and they strive to promote the school with greater vision as well through the media of website. Today entab enjoys the credibility of giving consulatnacy in this technical arena.

Entab understand the real need of a website. It should eventually showcase the school in a very special way keeping various aspects of education and holistic growth of a child. The credibility factors of the schools lies on various factors and that has to placed well for creating values in the market. In turn quality parents and the quality students become a part of it. We understand the school arena since 2001 very well and happy to meet their expectations on every front.

Communication Portals

School Communication Apps

Communication ERP Portal

Today in the modern era schools inspire the students success with regular communication with parents/students. Bringing accountability to the work carried out on regular basis will ensure a greater success in any industry and this applies here as well.

MOBILE APPS – In the modern technology driven world - looking forward for information at convenience.

Communication played a vital role in the economic growth of our nation. The educators, parents, teachers and students are brought into a single platform through CampusCare ERP portals that are available for parents / staff/principal and management. This common portal's information are alternatively available at Mobile apps as well.

This help the schools immensely to do away with physical meetings and strengthening the academic of students. We deliver apps for parents, teachers, principal and management to have access to the ERP and information.


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