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Improve Teacher Productivity with School App

In the modern world where technology has become the carrier, traditional teaching methods and objectives do not suffice the needs of contemporary learners. While the world of education is changing with evolving technologies, the four Cs- Collaboration, Communication, Creative, and Critical Thinking become crucial for advanced learners. Since traditional pedagogies aren't enough to meet these needs, teachers and educators need to find ways to make it happen. Here is how to improve collaboration, communication, creative and critical thinking in students.

Attendance Management

It takes a lot of time for teachers to record the daily attendance of students manually. With a school app, they can easily record all the students' attendance in no time and make changes as and when required. The same can be easily accessed by the parents who can further keep track for their reference. Not to mention, the record of the entire session can be viewed with a single click.

Seamless Communication

Communication between stakeholders is crucial. With a school app, teachers can seamlessly communicate with the parents to contribute to the holistic development of a student. They don't have to use any additional software to send emails and messages, as the same can be done with the school mobile app. Teachers can also converse with other staff members and principals to discuss on crucial matters.

Exam and Results Management

Instead of creating report cards manually, teachers can save the scores on the school app. The results can be shared with parents later on. Moreover, the school mobile app allows teachers to generate beautiful reports by clicking a single button. Teachers can also share detailed reports of the critical performance areas of students and help them perform better. Exam schedules, notable events, and test dates can also be shared with the help of a school management app.

Library Management

Instead of visiting the school library to check the availability of a book, teachers can do the same with the help of the school mobile app. They can quickly go through the database and search for the book they are looking for. Since a lot of time is saved, teachers can perform other important activities which improve their productivity.

Checking Payslips and Personal Information

Whether it is checking and downloading the payslips, or filling tax details, teachers can use the school app to view and monitor their personal information. Since it takes a few seconds to access the app, teachers can use the saved time to teach or prepare for the next lecture.

Uploading Assignment and Homework

Instead of writing the assignment and homework on blackboard or register, teachers can upload the same on the school app. This way, every parent and student can view the same without any difficulty. One of the best things about this feature is that it takes less time to perform, and teachers can share reminders to make sure that every student submits the assignment on time.


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