To Be or Not To Be In Uniform

The implementation of school uniforms has been a bone of contention around the world. Today, kids are getting into trouble for not following the dress code way more than ever.

Several countries, such as the United States, are recognising the essentiality of school uniforms. The National Center for Education Statistics revealed that in 2006, 13.8 per cent of US public schools necessitated uniforms which increased to 21.5 per cent in 2016.

Well, most Indian schools require uniforms. Since it is an old norm, many accept it without questioning it. You might loathe your school uniform; however, I believe it is there for various smart reasons. I take this opportunity to bring you some of the best ones.

Uniforms reflect equality

Uniforms reflect equality

In our fashion-conscious society where brands matter, young boys and girls are under severe peer pressure to keep up with the latest fashions. If they are unable to match the set standards, they may be less accepted, excluded from social circles, and may even be subjected to mockery. This can hugely affect their self-esteem and can lead to many insecurities. School uniforms act as an equaliser. They eliminate competition, thereby alleviating judgements and social conflicts.

Uniforms instil a sense of unity

Schools advocate that every student is equal and every student belongs. Uniforms can be an excellent way to reinforce a culture of oneness and a sense of community, especially in young children. An environment that is inclusive of everyone inculcates team spirit. School uniforms show that you are part of an organisation and wearing it manifests “we are all in this together”. They also help a child cultivate loyalty and accountability.

Uniforms are cost-effective

As the weather and fashion trends keep changing, back-to-school clothing can burn a hole in a parent’s pocket. School uniforms emancipate students from the big-budget expectation of donning designer wear. They cut down the clothing cost as they allow them to purchase fewer items.

According to The Hindu, a set of readymade uniform for a child in Class 1 values between ₹550 and ₹650. On average, the majority of parents place orders for two sets of uniforms in an academic year, costing them only ₹1,500-₹4,500 per year.

Uniforms put an end to wardrobe battles

If students are allowed to wear clothes of their choice, they will be engrossed in tracking current trends. Uniforms bring the attention of students to who they are, rather than what they are wearing, or what they can afford. Students devote less time on picking their outfits and more on academics and extra-curricular activities.

All in all, I reckon that school uniforms are great for a child’s growth and development. It makes students feel more confident and develop a school culture that fosters seriousness about learning. A dress code represents not only the school’s motto but also a level of professionalism. Best of all, wearing a school uniform is a badge of pride, creates an identity for a school and is an integral part of being a school student.


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