Interactive Learning Management

Entab brings revolutionary product i-Learn to schools which can transform a regular classroom into an immersive learning environment. Equipped with 3D, AR and VR, i-Learn brings abstract concepts to life making lessons engaging and easier to understand thereby students can explore the world without stepping outside their classroom.

At Entab, we strives to deliver the best student experience and ensure that no teacher is ever limited by the walls of the classroom. Today, we are proud to be associated with 1500+ leading schools across the country. With i-Learn, we aim to empower schools with the latest technology.

mono AR VR 3D Stereo

Interactive Classroom Learning [MONO]

CampusCare® i-Learn Mono comes with a library of around 5500+ CBSE topics and 7500+ ICSE topics catering to K-12 curriculum of Science and Mathematics across the globe. Each topic comes with multiple learning resources as one single package. These resources consist of 3D animated videos, 3D simulations, 3D interactive, quiz, images, text, web links, glossary and key- terms etc.

Augmented Reality [AR]

Enhanced Experience Through Augmented Reality

  • An enticing experience where the conceptual images of the books can be scanned through a mobile/tablet camera.
  • The camera initializes the images and augments them into 3D interactive models.
  • Real-time and enchanting experience.

Virtual Reality [VR]

Immersive Experience Through Virtual Reality

  • 360 degree view of the topic gives an engaging experience to the learners.
  • Increases attention span of students.
  • A library of 2000+ topics of K-12 Science and Mathematics curriculum.

3D Stereo

This can be viewed with 3D glasses and 3D ready Projector/3D TV. This has a large library of 2800+ CBSE topics and 3000+ ICSE topics, curriculum-based 3D Stereoscopic videos and simulations for providing totally immersive experience to the users. It is available for Grade 1 to 12.

Product Features

  • Online/Offline Solution
  • 3000+ On Page Interactive Exercises and Simulations
  • 5100+ 3D Learning Resources
  • CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE and State Boards
  • Cross Platform - Android and iOS