Learning Management System for Schools

Entab brings a learning management system (LMS), a revolutionary product (i-Learn) that can transform a traditional classroom into an immersive learning environment. i-Learn is not just a digital classroom solution, it is an interactive learning management software equipped with modern-day technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and 3D Stereo that can make the toughest of abstract topics easily understandable. i-Learn has the power to make classes more interactive, engaging, and productive.

At Entab, we always strive to empower schools with revolutionary technologies. Today, we are proud to be associated with more than 1500 schools across the country. With i-Learn, we want to deliver the best student experience and make sure that no teacher is ever restricted by the walls of the classroom.

Schools are using LMS For?

LMS provides numerous benefits to schools. The primary role of a Learning Management System or LMS is to ensure the administration, documentation, and delivery of education. Below are some of the top uses of LMS for schools.

  • LMS helps in organizing eLearning content in a single location.
  • Learning management system helps schools to track the performance and progress of learners.
  • Learning management systems help in reducing learning and development costs and time.
  • LMS for schools helps in providing personalized learning to students.
  • Learning management systems help schools provide better learning outcomes.

LMS Key Features

LMS, or learning management system is a software application that ensures the organized delivery of various educational courses. Modern learning management systems come equipped with remarkable features that help schools in many ways. Here are the key LMS features you should know.

  • Systematic content management
  • Ease of access and use
  • A platform for blended learning
  • Assessment, testing, and evaluation
  • Tracking and reporting of performance
  • Easily customizable

CampusCare® i-Learn: Modules

mono AR VR 3D Stereo

Interactive Learning Video [MONO]

Various researches have shown and proved that visual stimulations have the power to grab students’ attention, as very few students respond well to the textual content. Learning through videos can also build bigger memory imprint and increase knowledge retention among students. Thoroughly understanding the merits of learning through videos in the education industry, Entab presents the Mono Learning Videos Module of i-Learn that comes with a library of more than 5500 CBSE topics and 7500 ICSE topics catering to the K-12 Curriculum of Mathematics and Science across the globe. It’s not only a collection of videos but a complete solution that comprises 3D animated videos, 3D interactive models, 3D simulations, images, text, weblinks, key-terms, glossary, and quizzes to test what students have learned.

The Mono module of i-Learn gives teachers the flexibility while explaining the most complex topics by making use of features such as pause, play, replay, etc. to review specific areas or to clear doubts of the students. With this module, teachers can create a flipped classroom by blending modern methods of teaching with traditional classroom methods.

What are the Benefits of the Mono Learning Videos Module?

  • Provides an engaging experience for students
  • Enhances knowledge retention
  • Amplifies student engagement
  • Offers flexibility to teachers
  • Assists in learning complex and abstract topics
  • Supports multi-modal learning

Features of Mono Learning Videos Module:

  • Library of more than 5500 CBSE Topics and 7500 ICSE Topics
  • 3D Animated Videos, 3D Interactive Models, 3D Simulations
  • Glossary, Images, Text, Weblinks, and Quizzes
  • K-12 Curriculum of Science and Maths

Augmented Reality [AR]

A technology that blends interactive digital elements to the real world, Augmented Reality holds great potential in the world of education. Many researches have already shown that AR in education can improve student learning and is even more effective than other media such as videos, books, or PC experiences. At Entab, we understand this, hence present to you, the AR Module for i-Learn. Now, students can easily understand the most complex and abstract topics of Maths and Science by augmenting diagrams and figures to 3D interactive models and simulations. What makes this module even more interesting is the fact that teachers can get actively involved in the process as it comes with minimal voiceover. This, in turn, elevates and nurtures the teacher-student collaboration which cannot be done with an ordinary digital classroom solution.

Since the world around us is 3-dimensional, our brain tends to convert every 2D image that we see into a 3D figure for better understanding. This is what i-Learn’s Augmented Reality module exactly does. All you have to do is scan an image via a mobile/tablet camera and it will get augmented into a 3D interactive model. Teachers can explain the topic to students, and students can enjoy a real-time and enchanting experience. At the end of each topic, teachers can ask questions to students with the help of the in-built feature of Quiz in the module. Also, teachers can further run 3D simulations and engage students to enact educational concepts. This further stimulates experiential learning. As a result, classes become more interactive, and students better remember the things learned which enhances long term memory.

What are the Benefits of the Augmented Reality Module?

  • Long Term Memory Retention
  • Practical Learning
  • Better Collaboration
  • Elevated Student Engagement
  • More Effective and Faster Learning Experience
  • Increased Motivation

Features of Augmented Reality Module

  • Scan images through mobile/tablet
  • Augment 2D images into 3D interactive models
  • 3D Simulations for enticing and interactive learning
  • Videos and Quizzes for testing students’ understanding of the topic

Virtual Reality [VR]

Virtual Reality has been very well deployed in the world of entertainment, but do you know VR in education can revolutionise the world of classroom teaching as well? Virtual reality has the power to bring to life the outstanding visualisations of the most complex topics that aren’t possible in a traditional classroom. It is one of the best examples of gamification of learning that can make students eager to learn. Understanding this, we’ve developed the Virtual Reality module for i-Learn that comes with a library of more than 2000 topics based on the NCERT curriculum that lets students have a virtual tour of the abstract topics such as the human brain and learn in a completely distraction-free environment. The module is specially designed for students to provide them a uniquely personal experience in which the learner is engulfed within the topic and this, in turn, helps in the retention of information.

One of the best things about our VR module is that the students are less prone to distractions as they are completely engaged in the immersive visualisations once they put on the VR Headset. This further boosts long term memory. Besides, student engagement has been found to increase through Virtual Reality as students enjoy watching 360-degree views and immersing in the virtual world instead of just reading their textbooks or watching a 2D video. Hence, it is a comprehensive kinaesthetic learning experience and not just an ordinary digital class. Also, studying with VR doesn’t seem like work at all, it is education made fun!

What are the Benefits of the Virtual Reality Module?

  • Creates interest with a 360-degree view of topics
  • Personalised learning
  • Gamification of learning
  • Increases student engagement
  • Kinaesthetic Learning
  • Aids in Long Term Memory
  • Distraction-free Learning

Features of Virtual Reality Module:

  • 360-degree view of topics for an immersive experience
  • Library of more than 2000 topics based on the NCERT curriculum
  • Highly immersive content for understanding Abstract and Complex Topics
  • No Internet Requirement, Offline Content

3D Stereo

Watching 3D movies is always a treat to the eyes. The same impact 3D technology has in the world of education. The whole experience is highly stimulating and suits the modern attention span of ours in a better way. This is why understanding trigonometry and polygons in 3D is much more interesting and easier than learning with plain 2D figures. A 3D image or video can add many layers that further brings unparalleled depth to what is being learned, which cannot be done with a textbook. Hence, Entab has designed the 3D Stereo module for i-Learn that lets students engage through highly interactive 3D Stereoscopic videos and simulations, and provides an immersive experience to the end-users.

What makes our 3D Stereo Content more interesting is the fact that it is 100% 3D in nature and works on the Active 3D technology, unlike what you see in the movie theatres. Not every student is an auditory learner, hence with our 3D Stereoscopic content, visual and kinaesthetic learners can also benefit by indulging in a highly immersive 3D environment. With a library of more than 2800 CBSE topics and 3000 ICSE topics powered with Active 3D technology, from Grade 1 to 12, students can learn things with a better view and hence better understanding.

What are the Benefits of the 3D Stereo Module?

  • Active 3D technology for a better learning experience
  • Vast Library of CBSE and ICSE Topics
  • Brings excitement to learning
  • Increases Long term memory
  • Captivating and engaging content
  • Fewer distractions

Features of 3D Stereo Module:

  • Active 3D Technology
  • 3D Stereoscopic Videos and Simulations that can be viewed with 3D Glasses and 3D Projector
  • Gigantic Library of over 2800 CBSE Topics and 3000 ICSE Topics
  • Cross-Platform: Android and iOS

Product Features

  • Online/Offline Solution
  • 3000+ On Page Interactive Exercises and Simulations
  • 5100+ 3D Learning Resources
  • CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE and State Boards
  • Cross Platform - Android and iOS