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Elevating The Education System

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” which is indeed very well said and adapted by today’s world. But every one forgot that weapons always need modernization and need to be updated and developed according to the changing circumstances so that one can always stay ahead and call himself a true leader. The same applies to education which needs modernization so that we don’t fall back in this dynamic global society.

Modernization of education is thus very important and has to be carefully and intelligently carried out. Now, what shall be the modern education system? How shall it be designed so that it prepares students for adapting to the rapidly changing world? Where shall its main focus lie? What should be the approach of students towards it? There are thus plethora of questions that needs to be answered when we talk of modernization.

First and foremost, modernization never means completely doing away with the existing system. It simply means elevating concepts to the next level. Therefore, the traditional classroom system should never be given up since education imparted by a teacher physically can never ever be challenged by the virtual classrooms as the physical presence of teacher herself/himself leads to the generation of a divine energy which is extremely beneficial for the students as well as the surroundings. Teachers teaching in the classrooms not only focus on imparting knowledge. They have a multi-disciplinary approach combined with moral education which is highly required for the students.

Talking of elevating concepts to the next level, information technology can play a major role in it. The use of wireless computers and audio visual learning has proved to be largely effective in this arena. It has multiple benefits which include better understanding of concepts along with minimized use of paper therefore saving nature. Also, children enjoy and grasp concepts clearly through these methods.

Moving on to the next dimension of Modern Education System, it’s enhanced focus should be on multiple intelligence combined with versatility. It has multiple benefits which include development of the thinking and logical skills of the brain, good interpersonal skills which are of significant value to an enjoyable social life, enhances verbal and logical intelligence, which tend to be frequently neglected according to the traditional intelligence theory. Multiple intelligence theories provide students an opportunity to learn through their strengths, become more successful at learning all subjects and even improving the traditionally highly valued “basic skills”. A combination of these leads to a successful professional life thus ensuring a secure future to the children.

Next comes the role of vocational subjects in the modern education system. Vocational subjects for sure complement a person’s personality but aren’t valued enough in today’s time. Thus, equivalent development of vocational skills has to take place. Modern Education system should place a greater focus on vocational skills development. The system shall never be adamant and biased towards the main course subjects. Students should be motivated and encouraged to enhance these skills therefore ensuring that students don’t turn into the traditional ‘book worms’.

Teachers have always played an integral role in the framing of a civilized society. In the modern education system, teachers have an equivocal role to play. Teachers should teach students keeping in mind the trends and requirements of the professional society 10 years from then. The teachers should carefully andextensively assess the conditions that would prevail then so that the students are future ready. Modern Education should also focus on maximum possible extra-curricular activities so as to give the maximum possible exposure to the students.

In the current era, there exists a stereotype of stream selection and a virtual competition of which stream is better. The modern education system therefore should comprise of an environment which is free of stereotypes and makes the students as well as teachers realize the importance of every stream along with their inter dependencies. This shall be a huge step towards creating a harmonious professional environment. Students should also be given the freedom of choosing their choice of subjects from Class IX itself as it will give more time and in depth knowledge to the students so that students can focus on discoveries and innovation rather than working only for private firms and be work oriented.

Practical Knowledge should be the main characteristic of Modern Education System. Teachers should focus more on imparting knowledge practically rather than be theoretically and rote memory oriented. In India, students face huge difficulties while practical implementation of concepts which is a huge loss for the nation. Along with practical knowledge, this system shall place a major focus on ‘Personality Development’ and ‘Emotional Skills Management’ as these will prove to be very valuable assets in the future.


Gaurav Chakraborty

Class XII

Modern Public School, Bhiwadi

I like the modern system of education a lot, I swear I do. But my like for the system was not able to blind me from seeing some serious effects of it on the society. It gives a lot but it has taken quite a few thimgs too. Modern system of education is simply education intertwined with technology and technology makes things easier but that is the problem with it. It makes things so easy that they lose there worth. As long as anything is earned, it has a worth but hen something is a click away, it looses its worth. except few exceptions, worth of knowledge has nothing more to do with then pass the test which the modern system of education asks for as medium the measure what we have learnt.

Enough with modern. Let’s take a break. To revive the value of knowledge, modern system of education needs traditionlising. And I strongly believe it will be a welcome change.

Ahana Maurya


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