Notebook Computers Must Replace Textbooks In School Now!

Oishi Bhattacharya

Oishi Bhattacharya
Class IX
The Indian Public School, Dehradun

One of the biggest question on the minds of educators is how much technology is enough in the classroom. The debate between “textbooks vs computers” has been going on for a long time and with more technology in the classroom than ever, that debate won’t end anytime soon.

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow”, said John Dewey, an eminent educationist philosopher.

Being a student of futuristic work, I believe that we need to stay updated with the time so that we do not become archaic in the futuristic world. It is best to change and adapt with time.

I am stressed due to the everyday travails of beginning our day by managing over to our locker, loading up all the textbooks we need for the day, and lugging them around with us as we attend every lesson. Not only does this have detrimental effects on your back and your posture, but it’s also a burden on your freedom of movement.

But Life without paper cannot be imagined when it comes to education.

Also, the information in the books cannot be updated making it heavy for us to carry every day to the school and back home.

On the other hand, computers have a real-time updating mechanism with all subjects. One computer/ laptop is enough to learn everything with videos, and learning tips. We can too rewind, and learn the difficult topics again and again until we understand it.

It is the success of mankind in the Education sector!

I feel textbooks are irreplaceable, but to keep pace with time, we must adopt technology as well. Students are comfortable interacting with both methods. A home-read of the textbook, a class discussion with a computer notebook, and perhaps a home assignment with both can be the ideal confluence of modern education.

As it turns out, comparing a notebook computer to a textbook in almost every aspect you choose, and it seems a notebook computer will always come out on top. Maybe it’s time for school and educational facilities to take them more seriously.


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