Our Story to Become Leading School Management System

Our Journey started in the year 2000, when the concept of school ERP software was obscure and tedious paper work, including manual circulars, fee booklets, manual report cards, salary slips, was the norm in schools.

We understood the difficulty of schools in managing the students record, fees collection, caution money deposits, preparing error free report cards etc . The technology can help them in improving their accountability, systematic works, simplify their repeated tasks and to give analytics that can guide them forward was hardly known to the schools and their staff as well. This was the opportunity that we had in the year 2000-2001, but the journey was very difficult to make them aware of the technology, engage them with technology, making them to subscribe to technology, converting them to work with technology and to deliver EXICITMENT was the most tough task. However our efforts seen light and the benefits were enjoyed by our clients and they ascended themselves to next level and started advocating and promoting us in public forums and platforms.

Entab school management brings parents, teachers, management, and principals on the same platform, along with filling gaps in teaching and learning.

“There is nothing permanent except change,” Heraclitus mentioned it, and Charles Darwin confirmed it in his theory of evolution. Launched 20 years ago, our school management software has kept up with the changes demanded by the time, technology, users, and devices and hence continues to be the best school management system in India.

We are successful in bringing all stake holders to a single platform and communicate freely, where by every stakeholder are made responsible to deliver as per their responsibility. This has helped the school to take a leap ahead of time.

We explored the possibility of a good school of New Delhi, way back in 2001 with the knowledge and experience we gained in the last few months and shown the benefits associated with embracing the technology. Then the School offices were filled with more than sufficient manpower and about 5 staff to manage the school and transport fees, similar was the cases everywhere and the results were slow. The existing staff were not knowing computers and their training, making them to do a double click on a mouse or work with machine were very tedious. However, our efforts seen the true results and people started feeling happy and energetic by the true implementation of technology. The fees counter operations restricted to just one person from 5 members, accounts and salary to another person relieving about 5 staff, free to contribute at various areas of the school for the betterment of the organisation. In the previous year school lost a bigger amount in defaulters due to low efficiency in collection, where as that value has come down to a negligible level in the next year. We could see the smile in their faces. In the next year they have introduced technology in other areas and later online communication and so on, where by they are able to bring everyone to same page and make everyone aware of their “role”. This created higher commitment among all stake holders and the school’s results in every area started moving up. We have noticed that the schools who were started using the communication tools to engage the parents in the education in the first decade of this century are the best schools in the second century and so on…. Today most of the schools across the country truly acknowledges the importance and they adopt technology to speed up their growth.

Our Vision

To provide path breaking solutions to schools to innovate -automate -empower themselves to transform from good to best.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improvise and empower the schools with the next level process, systems and functionalities through our matured and futuristic ERP solutions and communication tools. Hence, we work to transform the humanity to next level by our innovations and our speciality “speed”.

We are always looking for solutions to the challenges faced by the school and parents. Our world-class products are designed to help schools overcome obstacles and turn these good schools into the best schools.

With a transparent, honest, and dynamic approach, we are convinced that our unique school management system will be fit for purpose in the coming years.

Our Core Values

"We Keep Ethics as our principle and policy"

We continuously adding values to our clients by Guiding them regularly in technology, building relationship by constructing trust and confidence. We do make our clients and staff more capable by improving their creativity.