Our Story to Become Leading School Management System

Our Story started in the year 2000, when the concept of school ERP software was obscure and tedious paperwork, including circulars, newsletters, receipts, and subscriptions, was the norm in schools.

In the quest to introduce automation to schools and enhance the efficiency of the education ecosystem, we brought on board illustrious think tanks of the K-12 academic world who devised a robust and sophisticated school management system CampusCare. Entab’s school management system brings parents, teachers, management, and principals on the same platform, along with filling gaps in teaching and learning.

“There is nothing permanent except change,” Heraclitus mentioned it, and Charles Darwin confirmed it in his theory of evolution. Launched 20 years ago, our school management software has kept up with the changes demanded by the time, technology, users, and devices and hence continues to be the best school management system in India.

Our Mission and Core Values

Our mission is to empower schools with revolutionary online school ERP software and communication tools of the highest quality. We aim to transform the school ERP domain and facilitate effective communication between all the stakeholders - students, parents, teachers, principals, and school management.

We are always looking for solutions to the challenges faced by the school and parents. Our world-class products are designed to help schools overcome obstacles and turn these good schools into the best schools.

With a transparent, honest, and dynamic approach, we are convinced that our unique school management system will be fit for purpose in the coming years.