Why Parents Should Start Using School Mobile App

The modern world is busier than ever. Hence, it becomes difficult for parents to spend time with their children. When it comes to helping their kids finish their school homework, projects, and exam preparation, parents often miss out. Since parents' contribution is crucial for the holistic development of a child, tools like school mobile app become necessary. A school mobile app gives parents access to the daily progress and development of their child. They can perform several critical operations such as fee payment, attendance tracking, bus tracking, etc. with just a single click. All these tasks can be performed on the go. Here are some pointers that further elucidate why parents should start using school mobile app.

The Main Benefits School Mobile App for Parents

The Main Benefits School Mobile App for Parents

From staying updated with the whereabouts of their children, to paying fees on time, below are the main benefits of school mobile app for parents.

Online Fee Payment

School mobile app allows parents to pay the fee online in the comfort of their home. Moreover, instead of maintaining hardcopies of receipts, parents can download the e-receipts from the school mobile app. The whole process only takes a few seconds to a minute or two.

Notifications and Reminders

Notifications and Reminders

There are times when parents miss out on important dates such as the last day of fee submission, annual day event, etc. With the school mobile app, parents can opt for notifications and reminders feature that helps them to stay updated with all the important dates and events. They can receive information via messages or emails.

Daily Progress of their Child

Daily Progress of their Child

Whether viewing the report card or going through the daily remarks from teachers, parents can stay updated with the detailed progress of their ward. Parents can work accordingly and take the required actions to help their child perform better.

Assignments and Project Submission

The school mobile app lets teachers share the assignments and projects via the school mobile app. Parents can view these assignments and help their child to complete the same. These projects and tasks can be quickly submitted.

Attendance Tracking

It takes a few seconds for parents to view their child's attendance with the school mobile app. They can either check the attendance daily or view the weekly or monthly reports to help improve their child's performance.

Bus Tracking and GPS

The safety of their children is essential for parents. A school mobile app helps parents to track the location of the school bus. This feature helps them to stay updated with the whereabouts of their ward every day.

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Communication with Teachers

Communication with Teachers

A healthy relationship between parents and teachers is vital for the holistic development of a child. Not only does it improve a child's performance, but it also develops his or her personality. With a school mobile app, parents and teachers can communicate with each other. They can either converse via the messaging feature or share emails.

Library Operations

Parents can view the status of any book available in the school library. They can issue it from the app and explore the entire collection as well. With the help of this feature, their child doesn't have to visit the library unnecessarily, hence, it saves their time.

Timetable and Syllabus

Managing different documents, such as syllabus and changing timetables, can be a challenging task. With a school mobile app, parents can view the updated schedule and syllabus to help them prepare accordingly.


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