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The brains behind the company are experienced persons drawn from both the IT and Education sectors. CampusCare® is the number one ERP solution developed for schools and similar institutions not only in the country but the world as a whole. The company thrives not only of diverse human resources but of the specialised experience of about 17 years of ERP solutions specially designed for prestigious Schools of India and other prominent Countries, keeping in view their requirements to manage enrolments, admissions, attendance, fees, scheduling, timetables, assignments, grades, library etc. It generates automated reports on aspects for a data driven decision making. The software, inter alia, keeps the students, teachers, parents and the management in a common cord always and everywhere.

Entab Infotech

Mr. Shaji Thomas

Entab Infotech

Mr. Lawrence Zacharias

Managing Director
Entab Infotech

Mr. Toby Augustine

Chief Technical Officer
Entab Infotech

Mr. Jitender Kumar

Chief Manager