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How We Became India's Best School Management Software

Entab has been established for the sole purpose of providing a unique automation software for schools that helps in connecting parents, teachers, principals and management on a single platform. Computer based automation and communication in the education domain was almost absent till the end of the previous millennium. Realizing the need for an automated School management software, it was Entab Infotech which played a constructive role for laying the foundation and carving out a robust school erp software on an independent platform by the beginning of the year 2000. Since, then it has been successful 19 years however, in our unquenchable thirst to achieve perfection we have constantly upgraded and updated our school management software.

Mission & Vision

Entab's Mission is to provide the best School Management Software to our clients and our vision is to emerge as a global player in online school management software domain. We will leave no stone unturned until we reach the goal and are determined to be highly productive and competitive in our expertise and quality, acquired since 2000. The burning desire to emerge as a leader galvanized by product quality, effective support services, continuous product upgradation, best value for money etc. have been the cornerstones for our business success and we could proudly demonstrate it throughout the past 19 years to proclaim being No. 1 in this field. The credit equally goes to all Entabians who sincerely put their best to strengthen the goodwill and credibility that we have already built upon.


Entab Believes that the employees are the major asset of the company and they come first at all times. We do put sincere efforts in bringing up quality manpower who can deliver the best school management software with dedication and responsibility. Trustworthy and responsible staff are the strength of any good school administration software company. Our company management and senior staff comprise of vastly experienced professionals from both the IT industry as well as from the education erp sector. This remarkable blend of fine talents and experience makes Entab enormously powerful to take on the challenges that lie ahead in school management software domain. Entab is in the process of increasing the number of school erp mobile apps clients through quality staff.

Entab Today

Entab Today is a dynamic and vibrant organization brimming with confidence and are proud of its achievements since the past 19 years. Our flagship product CampusCare® is the number 1 national product in the competitive educational application software market. Entab delivers the best campus management software with highest rate of success with a large array of clientele. We could generate the current level of confidence in the market space solely by timely response to the expectation level of our customers and showcasing and delivering to their full satiation. We seek to claim our leadership in the market in terms of experience, quality of products, after sales support and a host of other supportive functions including improving further to meet the expectation of tomorrow.

It is important to mention here, that a good many of our former customers who left us for one or the other reasons have since returned to our fold and reaffirmed their confidence in the undisputed leadership of the company. We have the serenity to view their benevolent gestures as the greatest award and acknowledgment we could ever aspire for and acts as a vital credibility factor of our company, specially so in the eye of our future customers who wish to associate with us.

ISO Certification

Our Company in the profession of School software stands shining with ISO certification since 2004 as a mark of recognition for best quality and optimal operations management with a remarkable staff strength of more than 300 qualified Engineers, technical and support team and others etc. We provide a well maintained office atmosphere specially designed for calm and quality work ensuring all kinds of modern facilities to our creative employees and the emphasis of the company is exclusively on original creativity. We are aware of attempts of plagiarism and blatant copyright violations in the market but so far none could succeed in these nefarious activities with regard to our products.


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