School ERP can help your school evolve with the times

The path-breaking scientific and technological innovations of 21st century has dawned a new era wherein communication and co-ordination has become convenient than ever. These technological marvels have altered every aspects or institution of this society tremendously, be it as micro as a family or as large as a government. Today, a large number of online tools in different avatars find place in our computers and cell phones, which reduces bottlenecks in communication process, one of such is an Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP).

>What is an ERP?

What is an ERP?

The invention of internet and its’ proliferation in the recent years has changed industry working patterns and it sets new standards every day. The amount of work has grown manifold in every industry; managing such huge data is a herculean task and possibility of errors goes up while dealing with them manually. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a modern web-based management tool that automates all the operations tasks, be it the manual accounting or inventory management or maintaining a centralized data of individuals or any other functions. An ERP software manages tasks by a specially designed software pertaining to that specific industry. With complete optimization and synchronization of the process, it increases the efficiency and productivity of the administrative tasks performed and along with it cuts short the cost and time extensively and also reduces the chances of errors and boredom with it.

>How does an ERP help a school?

How does an ERP help a school?

A school too can use an ERP software. A school ERP is school management system through which it can automate the school’s administrative functions. To understand this, we must first try to understand the complete school process and the tasks it undertakes on a day-to-day basis. Basically, managing Admissions, handling student and staff information, tracking student attendance and exam results, inventory management, financial management, library management, etc., are daily activities of a school; so, if we take a aforesaid function, say tracking student attendance and exam results, through a school ERP system every stakeholder of the school, i.e. the principal, parents, class teacher will be connected together so that every information regarding attendance and exam assessment can reach automatically and instantly to all of them. This connected-ness bridges communication gap and most importantly open doors that can help the students in ways, which was never possible earlier. Tracking and compiling old data, performance evaluation, decision making can be expedited.

Financial aspects are one core area of every organization, this is somewhere you cannot go wrong! An ERP empowered to handle financial data is a need of every school today. Huge amount of sum comes in and goes out every month, thus it’s now a pre-requisite to organise the payrolls mechanically. It can check clerical errors and reduce the chances of any theft to zero, further it keeps all the data organized for any future purposes. It simplifies and brings transparency and accountability in an organization.

Scope of an ERP Software for a School

Basically, an ERP is a school management software through which manual tasks are automated and streamlined efficiently to simplify, stabilize and secure the whole school management process. The underlining idea is to build a flawless communication process and a robust co-ordination wherein all the cogs of a wheel are integrated to the core so that operational efficiency can be maximized. A powerful ERP with inclusive modules like registration and admission of students, student and staff information, exam and assessment, financial accounting and payroll management, inventory management among others can synchronize every school data extensively, prepare reports and expedite every administrative decision making.

Importance of an ERP

The best aspect about a school management system is that it helps all the educators to save their time to primarily focus on education process and leave the rest of the operational task to the software. With every school data present online, enhanced academic performance, simplified school management, safety of students become the hallmark of a good school.

An ERP is professionally result oriented approach to provide customized solution and support in an integrated manner so as that organization of educational services become well-co-ordinated with the needs of 21st century.


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