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How School ERP Software will Help Parents?

School ERP software has become a requisite in the modern education system. This software acts as a great tool to streamline the multiple tasks of administration and reduces manual workload. School ERP software also acts as a great medium of communication among all the stakeholders and helps schools fulfill their aspirations and goals. While school management software allows schools in a lot of ways, it benefits parents as well. Here is how school ERP software will help parents.

Daily Performance

Whether it is the scorecard of weekly tests or daily remarks from the teachers, parents can easily view the same with the help of school ERP software. All they have to do is log in, and all the information about their child will be displayed on the screen. Parents can understand the strengths and the weaker areas that require to be worked on. This way, they can help improve the performance of their child.

Attendance Insights

It is crucial for parents to keep track of the attendance of their children. With school ERP software, it takes only a few seconds to view their ward's daily attendance. In case of any discrepancy, they can talk with the teachers and get it corrected. Moreover, it becomes easier for them to take the necessary actions whenever required.

Homework and Assignments

There are times when a child might miss out on completing the homework or assignment on time. Also, they may not know the details of the project or assignment if not present on the same day. With school ERP software, parents can get notified with daily homework and the last date to submit the same. This further helps their ward to never miss out on an important project or assignment.

Robust Communication with Teachers

Effective communication between teachers and parents is pivotal in the holistic development of a child. Parents can easily converse with teachers with the help of school ERP software. They can discuss the areas where their ward faces difficulty and get familiar with his or her performance in the class. It is critical for parents to know how their child behaves with peers and teachers as it plays an essential role in making their personalities better.

Exam and Report Cards

In addition to keeping track of their child's daily attendance, parents can view all the major exams' results. They can view the date-sheet and generate beautiful report cards with a single click. All the critical information is available on the school ERP software.

Online Fee Payment

It is not easy for parents to visit their child's school to deposit the fees. Hence, with the school ERP software, they can quickly pay the fee online. Moreover, they can download the e-receipts with the help of the software itself. The school management software eliminates the need to maintain the paper receipts that may get misplaced at times.

Notifications and Reminders

Whether it is a notification for an important event or a reminder for paying the fees, school ERP software helps parents stay updated with all significant dates and events. With the mobile app of the software, managing such tasks become much easier. All it takes is a single click on their smartphones, and they can perform all functions without any difficulty.